Yes You Really Can Make Money Online

Yes You Really Can Make Money Online

No matter how many Internet Marketing forums I visit and no matter how many blogs I read I continue to see this one same exact question asked over and over and over again.

The Proverbial, “How Do I Make Money Online?”

Now, its not that I have a problem with this question at all. In fact, i’m a strong believer that the dumbest question is the one that’s never asked.

However, its interesting to me that with such a plethora of information and content pertaining to the subject of ‘making money online’ and ‘website traffic generation’ spread all over the internet, one would think the question wouldn’t be as common as it is.

So although there are plenty of websites, forums, blogs, videos etc….I decided to list (3) ideas anyone can use to start making money on the internet. I’ve already included some ways to help excursion traffic to your new website once its live . After all, without traffic you don’t have a chance of making any kind of money on the web.

So here goes:

(A) AdSense: Whats needed? Domain name (NameCheap), hosting (Hostgator), html editor (Kompozer – get it free) or XsitePRO if you have a budget to work with; at the minimum 10 website articles to start with; a keyword tool (freeWordtracker); a Google AdSense account & TRAFFIC …see below for tips.

(B) Affiliate Marketing: Whats needed? Domain name, hosting, html editor for building simple review or presell style landing pages; a good niche; affiliate network membership (, ShareaSale, ClickBank, PayDotCom…) & TRAFFIC.

(C) Online MLM: Whats needed? Domain name, hosting, A reputable program; html editor for building simple one page sites for collecting names & email addresses; a way to capture & follow up with leads (Aweber) – you’ll generate the leads using some tips below. You’ll also need a freebie offer to entice possible subscribers to join your email list. it can be a 10 page report, a 7 day ecourse or a newsletter. Oh & don’t forget TRAFFIC.

Now after you’ve decided on a money making strategy and you’ve launched your new website here is a list of some of some shared traffic generation techniques you can use to get people to your site.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list by any method
but here is a small list of effective techniques:

Article dispensing
Pay Per Click
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
RSS (a format for syndicating regularly changing web content)
Online Classifieds
Forum participation
Linking (this includes any kind of QUALITY incoming links pointing to your site)
– press releases
– directories
Banner Ads
Video syndication
Viral Marketing
Social bookmarking
Social networking (Myspace,Facebook,Twitter…)
Opt-In Email
Ezine Ads

Ok, so these are just some on the more shared ways to excursion traffic to a website. By using just the small bit of information above you should be able to get a new website off the ground and seeing traffic & hopefully profits in no time.

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