WoW Tips – Lich King Defeated by Paragon in 25 Heroic Mode

WoW Tips – Lich King Defeated by Paragon in 25 Heroic Mode

Yes, you heard it right Lich King Defeated by Paragon in 25 Heroic Mode. For many this news was a shocker, but once videos were uploaded to show how was Lich King Defeated by Paragon in 25 Heroic Mode nobody questioned the winner anymore because the kill was done in an extremely skillful manner which so many of us fail to master.

Paragon was able to kill Lick King only by using the 5 % buff. His kill has proved that we do not need 10 % to defeat Lick King till you do not keep up perfect skill in it. The Lich King has dropped many brave warriors before they could lay any unhealthy scratch on him. The list of fallen warriors includes many renowned names such as Archus, Invincible Reins, High Blade of the Silver-Hand and Greatstaff of Antonidas. However, due to the sheer intelligence displayed by Paragon he was able to gain strength over Lich King becoming the first guild to ever unprotected to the Invincible flying mount.

The composition raid used by paragon is as follows:

3 x Death Knight – 2 x Frost, 1 x Unholy

4 x Druid – 1 x wild Tank, 2 x wild DPS, 1 x Balance

2 x Hunter – 2 x Marksmanship

5 x Paladin – 1 x Protection, 2 x Holy, 2 x Retribution

3 x Priest – 1 x Shadow, 1 x Holy, 1 x Discipline

3 x Rogue – 1 x Mutilate, 2 x Combat

1 x Shaman – 1 x Restoration

3 x Warlock – 1 x Demonology, 2 x Affliction

1 x Warrior – 1 x Fury

If you look closely at the composition raid you will notice that Paragon did not notice any mages, shamans or already resto druids. While people surprise why such important characters have been left out many assumptions have been made each explanation seems to be very logical however no details from Paragon has been given as to why they did this.

Paragon was able to bring Lich King down in total 15 minutes and 50 seconds which is a very long time for a caster to take and it is speculated that very soon issues will be raised against the manas. Also when you compare warlocks and mages, the warlocks are used much more and also seem to be a better choice.

The game becomes very fascinating to watch when you see paragon performing 5 heal during the encounter. It is a very difficult step but they pulled by with help from their healers.

Assumptions on why they kept this raid composition can go on and on till we do not get a detailed report from Paragon themselves as why they used this great raid competition which helped them to defeat Lick King in 25 heroic mode.

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