Woman stuck for a week at her blind date’s home after city plunged int…

A woman called Wang, from Zhengzhou, in China went on a blind date with a man who wanted to show off his cooking at his house before the city suddenly went into lockdown

Wang’s video of her blind date has gone viral on social media

A woman has told how she became stuck in her blind date’s home for a week after a sudden local lockdown in China.

But she says love has not blossomed due to him being too quiet and his ‘average’ cooking.

A woman called Wang, from Zhengzhou, posted a video of her blind date ordeal that started last Wednesday when the city went into lockdown, which has gone viral on WeChat.

She said that she had gone on a week-long trip to Zhengzhou for a series of blind dates, set up by her family, and the hope of finding the love of her life.

Unfortunately for her she didn’t end up being stuck with her ideal man as she claims he was as “mute as a wooden mannequin”.

Wang did let in that her date was good with the housework

Wang told Shanghai-based The Paper: “Just after I arrived in Zhengzhou there was an sudden increase and his community was put under lockdown and I could not leave.”

She said she was on date number five out of ten and he wanted to show her his cooking skills at his house before a lockdown was declared.

Wang has been sharing videos with her followers of her life in the house but it appears that his cooking didn’t meet her high hopes as she called it “average”.

But he can be seen doing the housework in some clips and Wang admitted that not all was bad.

China has been introducing strict lockdowns to slow the virus spread


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“Besides the fact that he’s as mute as a wooden mannequin, everything else (about him) is pretty good,” she told The Paper.

“Despite his food being average, he’s nevertheless willing to cook, which I think is great.”

Zhengzhou was shutdown after more than 100 Covid situations were reported as China takes a hardline approach to tackling the virus.

China is now only weeks away from the start of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the country is attempting to stop the spread of the virus with strict lockdowns already where there are few situations as has happened for example in Xi’an where a population of 13 million were not already allowed to go out for food.

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