Why Use a Mortgage Broker and Move to Calgary?

Calgary, being the largest city in Alberta is the city in which Alberta’s economic changes does the most to. In the past six or so years, Calgary, along with the rest of the world experienced a recession. The prices of everything were inflated and housing was unaffordable for the majority. However, recent studies now show that Calgary, along with the rest of Alberta is starting to go by a emotional recovery. New jobs are starting to pick up and consequently, stabilizing the economy.

Calgary is the 9th most expensive real estate market Canada. However, Calgary also presents its citizens with higher incomes, plenty of career opportunities, great school systems, and many more accommodations. You and your personal condition depict whether the two sides of Calgary’s market level out to your advantage.

Mortgage brokers have access to the lowest rates. It is their profession to stay ahead of the game and know the lending rates in Calgary. Mortgage brokers usually have all the knowledge of the best deals and resources that are obtainable in the real estate market. Their main goal is to help their customers get the best deal, especially at this time in the Calgary market.

Hiring a mortgage broker is advantageous because the data that they can provide can be of great help in financing your similarities. Their main duty is to provide you the best lender they can find to make your home investment. Brokers also are willing to negotiate interest rates with you especially if you have a set budget. Hiring a mortgage broker to finance your home in lieu of a lending institution will doubtlessly save you time and money. Brokers do the slogging, which in turn saves you time. They then in a way auction your mortgage to the different lenders who bid on your business, resulting in the best rate. This also saves you thousands of dollars. Brokers also offer service in recommending lending institutions for your situations, for free. The mortgage broker is paid by the lender that they are recommending, again saving you money and effort on this.

So how much does it really cost to own a home in Canada?

Well the national average sits at: $362,899

British Columbia: $535,695
Northwest Territories: $450,500
Ontario: $375,115
Alberta: $356,101
Yukon: $307,739
Quebec: $266,425
Saskatchewan: $263,907
Newfoundland: $249,502
Manitoba: $234,871
Nova Scotia: $202,232
New Brunswick: $154,262
PEI: $139,561

Not to be confused by the price differences, although Alberta isn’t the lowest price, it is the most affordable because of the higher total income of an average family.

Nationally, the cost of a bungalow is 42.7%, a two storey home at 48.8% and a condo at 29.0%.

A standard condo in Alberta will cost about 21.3% of an average household income, a detached bungalow for 32.8% and a standard two-storey home at around 36%. Since 2010, the rates have been dropping anywhere from 0.1% to 0.8%.

In today’s booming market in Calgary, looking for the perfect house is a tiresome task. There are literally thousands of homes and choices to choose from. Using an independent mortgage broker is positively in the best interests of the consumer. A mortgage broker costs you nothing. They’re paid by the lender for signing your mortgage deal with that institution and are paid in commission, so if you are not 110% satisfied, they don’t get paid. Homeowners are using mortgage brokers for their financing needs now, more than ever. In fact, 25% of Canadian’s (and growing) are starting to use, if not already using a mortgage broker. The fact is that they know more about the market than anyone else.

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