Why an Insect’s Eyes Are One of character’s Wonders

Why an Insect’s Eyes Are One of character’s Wonders

If you look at an insect under a microscope, you will see that it has two large eyes on either side of its head. Each eye is made up of hundreds of little transparent windows called lenses. Each lens is hexagonal, that is, it has six sides. The outer part of each of these lenses is a complete little eye in itself. Because each eye is made lip of many little eyes, insects are said to have ‘compound eyes’.

The compound eyes of insects are very important for their survival. Dragonflies, for example, can see up and down, sideways, back¬wards and for wards at the same time! Isn’t that truly marvelous?

Why do we say that bees cannot see the color red?

Insects see colors differently from us. He kept plates of sugar syrup on squares of paper. The squares were of different colors, and the syrup was kept only on squares of one color. The other squares contained plain water.

The bees in his laboratory would fly straight to the squares containing the sugar syrup. When he moved the squares around, they would nevertheless head straight for squares with the syrup. He then left some dishes empty and noticed that they would go ignore the empty plates and fly to the ones containing syrup. This showed that they could truly see the squares, and clarify the ones containing the syrup by their color.

Why don’t we see ears on insects heads?

Many, but not all insects can hear sounds. Some already hear sounds that we humans cannot. Though the noise produced by some insects like crickets may not sound very musical to us, female crickets find it very romantic indeed

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