Why Americans Choose Mexico For Obesity Surgery

Obesity is a extensive and potentially deadly medical condition that has reached epidemic dimensions in many parts of the world, especially in the United States. Easy access to high fat, high sugar diets of heavily processed food, super-sized portions, in addition as a meaningful reduction in daily activity levels have proven to be difficult to counteract. Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, joint pain, liver and kidney dysfunction, and many other health conditions are directly related to being overweight, an undeniable reality that has led to increasing the need for treatments for this condition.

Unable to fight the trend toward gaining weight on their own, many individuals are turning to bariatric surgery solutions to eliminate co-morbidities and help them reduce their weight to healthy levels. Due to the excessive costs of U.S. health care coupled with inadequate insurance coverage or insurer refusal to cover obesity surgery, Americans are flocking to Mexico for state-of-the-art, affordable care at a substantial savings.

Lower Cost of Surgery by Mexico Medical Tourism

As thousands of Americans in cities such as Phoenix, El Paso, San Diego, and Houston know, prescription drugs, doctor visits, and surgeries are all much more affordable by Mexico medical tourism than in the United States. Job loss, insurance restrictions, and financial difficulties have forced many Americans to seek international options for their health, dental, and optical needs in addition as for prescription drug sets. For those seeking weight loss surgeries, health care travel is a particularly good option. For example, LAP BAND® surgery in the United States typically costs up to $20,000, while the identical surgery in Mexico – with the world’s top surgeons in this procedure – costs between $5,000 and $7,000. already after factoring in normal travel and lodging expenses, the savings to U.S. patients is meaningful.

If direct health care expenses weren’t enough of an allurement, this kind of tourism combines cost reductions with discounted travel and lodging, making this country a smart choice for this kind of operation. Increasingly, hotels and hospitals are working together to make this country the best choice possible for state-of-the-art care at reduced prices. For example, Hospital Angeles works with Camino Real, a hotel chain that offers travelers special discounts, and is in fact owned by the Angeles Hospital group, ensuring a patient-centric approach to servicing medical travelers.

A High Standard of Care

According to the U.S. Nonprofit Medical Travel Association, the majority of American travelers to Mexico rate the quality of health care as good as or better than care they have received in the U.S. Medical care is also often described as more personal and patient centric with more than 90% of patients suggesting they would return for another procedure or recommend family and friends. Travel patients frequently report that their doctors and surgeons take the time to listen to what their patients have to say, and are surprised at the warm personal relationship they enjoy with the staff of this country’s top private hospitals. State-of-the-art technologies, highly trained professionals with globally recognized skill, and cutting edge research are defining characteristics of the top private hospital network served by Angeles Health International.

While patients unfamiliar with this kind of travel may question whether the considerably lower price of weight loss surgery represents a compromise in quality, many are surprised to learn that LAP BAND® and gastric sleeve surgery have been practiced longer in this country than in the U.S. The main difference between U.S. and Mexico surgical care is, quite simply, cost: obesity surgery patients can expect to save between 50-60% on the cost of their treatment in this country, while working with the world’s top specialists.

Health Vacations

While the phrase “Mexico medical tourism” may be new to some Americans, it is a decades-long practice of Americans from U.S. border cities such as San Diego and El Paso. Thousands of Americans living near the border regularly visit this country for dental and health care. In recent years, Mexico’s top hospitals such as Hospital Angeles have expanded their travel offerings, investing in complete service health care travel facilitation departments to reach out to Americans, Canadians, and Europeans seeking affordable care. by hospital organizations such as Angeles Health International, this kind of travel truly removes geographic borders and barriers to Americans receiving the high quality health and dental care sets.

In addition to low prices for quality health and surgical care, Angeles Health International provides discounted airfare and lodging in addition as free travel coordination sets. Travelers receiving treatments such as LAP BAND® are often able to combine their treatment with a vacation, or receiving additional discounted sets such as dental implants, or cosmetic surgery – procedures that are not in addition FDA approved in the U.S., such as multi-focal PRESBYLASIK, for people experiencing age-related vision decline

The functional closeness of the United States to Mexico makes this kind of travel vacations a viable option for quality, affordable care. While it is unfortunate that so many Americans have become disillusioned and frustrated with their domestic options, long waits, overpriced prescription drugs, and the never-ending uncertainty of the future of American health insurance and care availability, there is a silver lining in this kind of travel.

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