Why a Craftsman LT2000 Lawn Tractor May Be Right For You

Why a Craftsman LT2000 Lawn Tractor May Be Right For You

The Craftsman name is known for its excellent durability and performance, and its lawn tractors are no exception. The LT2000 models have been known for their reliability ever since their introduction, but the latest models are surpassing already these high expectations.

But before you go out and buy a brand new (or used) lawn tractor, it’s a good idea to make sure a lawn tractor is truly what you need. First of all, is it possible you need just a more powerful lawn mower? If your lawn is a half acre or less, you may want to save the money and use self-propelled gas or electric mower. This is also usually the best solution if mowing your lawn requires navigating around obstacles and in comparatively tight spots.

If you have a large area to mow and plan on hauling large loads (i.e. hundreds of pounds) around and using a variety of attachments do accomplish various responsibilities around the yard, a lawn tractor may not be sufficient. For heavy duty jobs and greater durability and versatility, you may want to consider a garden tractor or yard tractor. Although these are more expensive, they are tough and designed for the toughest jobs you would need to tackle in your yard.

For those with lawns up to a associate acres with fairly level ground and few obstacles, a lawn tractor is most definitely the right choice as long as you don’t expect it to manager the toughest jobs and keep it maintained properly. for example, lawn tractors are ideal for responsibilities such as pulling a lawn sweeper, lawn aerator, small garden cart, or fertilizer spreader. Most do not include front-mounted attachments such as a snow blade, and they generally only mow in the forward direction.

Now that you have a manager on the basics of lawn tractors, let’s get into some specific Craftsman models. Craftsman offers a associate LT2000 models – the form 28884 and the form 28885. The main difference between the two is that the 28885 is more powerful and features a wider deck. Of course, the 28885 also costs more as a consequence of these enhancements, so you will want to consider which one best meets your needs before choosing one over the other.

The form 28884 lawn tractor features a 19.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine and a foot-pedal controlled automatic transmission. It can reach mowing speeds of up to 5mph and has an 18 inch turning radius for maneuvering around obstacles. The 42 inch wide cutting deck features five cutting heights of between 1.5 and 4 inches and two deck wheels. This lawn tractor is only obtainable in the color red and comes with a complete two-year warranty from Sears.

The form 28885 lawn tractor packs in a powerful 21hp Briggs & Stratton engine and automatic transmission. It has a slightly higher top speed of 5.5mph and the same turning radius as the form 28884. While its deck features the same 5 cutting heights as the form 28884, the 28885 has a wider 46 inch deck. It also has a higher back seat, which is adjustable like in the 28884. In addition to a complete two-year warranty, it includes a five-year frame and lifetime front axle warranty. The 28885 is only obtainable in black.

Neither of these lawn tractors will mow in reverse, and neither is appropriate to hauling heavy loads regularly. So, if these capabilities are important to you, you may want to consider more heavy-duty lawn tractors or better, garden and yard tractors. However, both have plenty of strength to mow lawns and are great for lawns between half an acre and two acres. They also both can adjust to light attachments and a bag for lawn clippings.

It’s worth noting that the less expensive form 28884 features the same motor as higher-priced lawn tractors made by other manufacturers. The same is true for the form 28885, which also comes with the better warranty in addition as nice-to-have features such as a deck wash system, ergonomic steering wheel, and higher, more comfortable seat.

If these Craftsman LT2000 models sound alluring to you, a good next step is to do a little more research and perhaps speak with a knowledgeable Sears specialized. Rest assured, however, that these lawn tractors offer exceptional performance and durability for the price. As long as you use them the way they were intended and properly continue them, you will get many years of quality work out of them.

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