Which Is Better: WordPress Or Drupal?

When looking to jump into the world of CMS (content management system) kind software you’ll come across several very popular and very powerful platforms. Two of these are WordPress and Drupal. I’ve used both of these platforms and there are some pros and cons to each.

There are a associate of pros to each of these systems. First of all they are both free software. Anyone can visit either of the main websites that sustain the platforms, download the software and be on their way. Both are what is called Open Source which method that anyone who has the know-how can create additional features and roles that everyone else can make sure of. Really the only costs you’ll experience upfront are minimal fees for a domain name and a small hosting account. Secondly these both have pretty active communities of both users and developers that are active on sustain style forums where you can turn for answers and help with problems that may come up.

To run the self hosted versions of each platform, as mentioned above, you’ll need to have a hosting account and the ability to install the software. Luckily most of the major hosting provides out there (such as Hostgator, GoDaddy and many others) sustain a characterize called Fantasico. Fantasico gives you the ability to install either of these platforms on your server in literally just a associate of clicks. There is very little need for you to truly know what you’re doing as the system walks you by the steps.

WordPress does offer a hosted version which can be handy for very new webmasters. This allows you to simply signup for a free WordPress account, fill in some basic information and just like that you have a fully functional live website without the need for your own hosting account. I wholeheartedly suggest anyone looking to make a website do so with a self-hosted version as the middle and long run benefits far outweigh the simplicity of a hosted site.

For the kind of sites I’m typically making WordPress has been the way to go. Small business, hobby sites, affiliate style sites and the like are a break to do on WordPress. The interface on WordPress seemed to make a lot more sense for me over that of Drupal. Drupal seems to be a very powerful solution for ecommerce and heavy CMS style sites and those with the need for some thorough and involved programming options.

I encourage you to take a good hard look at both platforms and see what you think. I’m a big fan of WordPress in addition have friends who swear by Drupal. It’s a matter of personal taste and preference so take a look!

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