What is a Moonwalk?

No, the moonwalk that we are referring to in this article is not a kind of a dance. A moonwalk can go by many different definitions such as a bounce house, moonwalker, or jumpy thing, but they all are different words for the same thing.

Moonwalks are the inflatable jumpy things that you see mostly at kids birthday parties, special events, and company picnics. They are loved by almost every kid in America.

You can rent a moonwalk or you can go to an indoor facility where they have many of them inflated for the kids to jump on. Either option is really ideal.

Commercial moonwalks are made from fifteen ounce or greater weight vinyl. They are built tough to resist continued jumping and abuse from over-excited kids. Non-commercial moonwalks are made from lighter, more flimsy material that may not resist much usage from kids. These should not be used at parties where there are more than two or three kids present. Kids love to jump so much that it is almost impossible to keep them off of a moonwalk.

Moonwalks come in so many different shapes and sizes that it is impossible to sum it all up. Basically though there are three shared sizes. There is a ten foot wide, thirteen foot wide, and fifteen foot wide moonwalk obtainable for buy from almost any manufacturer. Be sure that if you are renting a moonwalk you take into consideration your party size. The fifteen foot one is the best for larger parties.

You should better understand what a moonwalk is by now. Ask your child next time what they call them and see if they have a different definition!

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