What Can You Store in Self Storage?

What Can You Store in Self Storage?

If you want to make room in your home, remodel, or already clear some space for relatives over the holidays, self storage can be a big help. Millions of people already use self storage facilities as a second garage to store business or personal items.

If you are planning to rent self storage, it is a very good idea to make sure you know what you can and cannot store first, as many facilities have restrictions for safety and health reasons. Storing food, for example, can rule to a pest problem that damages not only your character but also that of other renters. When you rent storage, you will be required to sign a lease that indicates you will follow the rules, including storing only approved items.

Specific guidelines vary by facility, but the following are items that you can never store at a self storage facility.

Combustible and Toxic Items

You will never be allowed to legally store items that are inherently dangerous. This includes gasoline, motor oil, corrosive materials, chemicals, paint, fertilizer, cleaning supplies, propane tanks, and hazardous waste.

Most facilities will also not allow you to store ammunition, weapons, explosives, or fireworks. You can store a BBQ grill, but it must be cleaned and you cannot store its propane tank.

Tires or Vehicles

You can store a means, but it has to be insured, registered and working. While many self storage facilities allow you to store tires, there is usually a limit of four tires. If you do not pay your lease, the storage facility can probably charge you to dispose of them.

Medical Supplies and Pharmaceuticals

It is not uncommon for sales representatives to rent storage to store supplies and samples, just like many other business owners. Just remember that while you can store many medical supplies and already pharmaceuticals, you cannot store anything radioactive, including many cancer medications.


Anyone who has watched Storage Wars or operated a self storage facility has seen that many people use storage units to store emergency supplies like canned goods. Just remember that virtually all storage facilities prohibit storing anything perishable because it attracts pests. Self storage managers must pay a great deal of money each year for pest control and it can damage your belongings in addition as those of renters in nearby units.

Other Items You Cannot Store

You cannot store anything illegal, including items that are stolen. You are also extremely from storing plants or animals. Virtually all storage facilities prohibit people from living in a storage unit or using heaters, generators, freezers, or refrigerators in the unit.

As you prepare to compare storage facilities and get quotes, get together a list of the items you are going to store and ask the manager of the facility to review it to make sure you will be fine. It’s a good idea to disclose what you will store, especially if you will buy insurance for your items.

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