Westminster police chief retires after report finds poor workplace cul…

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (KDVR) — Westminster Police Chief Tim Carlson retired Wednesday after a report found he “did not effectively manage the department’s culture.”

Carlson had been on administrative leave since July 12, when Westminster announced a third party would estimate the police department’s workplace climate and culture.

“We are not going to shy away from the findings of this report. Where there were issues, we are going to address them head-on,” Interim Police Chief Norm Haubert said in a press release announcing Carlson’s retirement. “Where there are opportunities to grow, we are going to embrace it. I’m committed to making sure our department grows from this, and we can move forward as a united workforce.”

The security consulting firm U.S. ISS Agency made the report and provided it to the city last week. The firm includes former local, state and federal law enforcement officers and executives, the city said.

Hundreds of hours of interviews

The city said the report includes hundreds of hours of interviews with more than 50 current and former members of the police department and a review of emails, notes and records “to corroborate observe accounts.”

“The report also detailed instances where a senior officer ‘ordinarily demeaned and was disrespectful to employees in the use of profanity, rude, and offensive language, disparaging comments, and personal insults,’” the city said.

A Westminster spokesperson declined to provide a copy of the report on Wednesday, citing the case as “a personnel matter that is nevertheless under review.

“Unfortunately, the City does not disclose personnel matters,” the spokesperson said. 

Carlson’s retirement comes after 35 years of police service, the city said.

Haubert, the interim chief, will continue in the role while the city begins looking for a long-lasting substitute.

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