Web Conference sets – Outsourcing Your Conferencing Needs

Web Conference sets – Outsourcing Your Conferencing Needs


I run a growing advertising company in the UK and I’m looking for some cheap ways of sharing ideas with other offices around the country, and also now that we are getting more national clients we need to be able to show them our progress without having to travel all the time. We’ve tried conference calls but if the client can’t see it then it is a waste of time. E-mail is okay, but it will sometimes be days before we get a response and then it’s only an “I’ll get to this as soon as I can” e-mail. Help!

-Outgrowing the UK


Well you may or may not be happy to know that yours is a shared difficult situation. In an effort to shift with the industry many companies find themselves taking on clients that are out of their immediate area and working with people from other companies. This can put a strain on budgets and can really extend rule times while lowering production numbers. A growing company can’t provide to waste time or money. As a solution to this problem many companies are employing web conferencing sets offered by various conference call service providers. These sets cover a wide field of options. From a simple text based web applications to a complete conferencing interface complete with video and voice communication. A web conference is comparable to a conference call, but with the addition of the ability to proportion visuals with multiple parties. You get immediate input on your designs and can find out if your client thinks the work you’re doing is dramatically or whether it’s a dud. The kind of software provided by the conference call service provider should match your needs. Don’t get sucked into bells and whistles you don’t need or will not use. In your line of work though the use of video could prove highly useful to landing a major sale or already ensuring that you are a company’s first choice.

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