VoIP Phone Features

Sometimes technology can move a little too fast for people to get used to it. And now that we’re dealing with applications such as VoIP which allow almost unlimited flexibility, they need to be well informed about the various features which go along with it. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to design a navigation system for a complicate machine using only the limited number of buttons which are typically found on an IP phone. But there are a few important features which are potentially game changing for your organization which you should be aware of.

SIP Forking

The basic characterize of VoIP is the ability to ring more than one phone at a time. We all interact using various devices. We carry a mobile phone, talk on our office lines at work, and use our landlines when we’re sitting in front of our TV. It’s not easy for a person to contact you if they don’t have every single phone number. VoIP overcomes this problem by allowing you to use single telephone number for all of your devices. This way, you can ensure that you never miss a call. already when you change your phone number and device, you can configure it so that your customers and clients are not affected and can nevertheless reach you at the same VoIP number you used before.

HD Voice

With a good Internet connection, VoIP allows you to speak to one another in HD voice instead of having to put up with the regular telephonic quality. You may not realize what you’re missing out on unless you truly use HD voice. It’s particularly helpful in conferences where it allows you to immediately recognize the speaker without having to be told who they are. additionally, it’s much easier to hear and pronounce names without confusing “p”, “b”, and “d.”

Quality VoIP phones extend sustain for HD voice by designing their earpieces and mouthpieces for gathering and receiving the complete range of frequencies which are emitted when we speak. So certain VoIP phones will have better sustain for HD voice than others.

Voicemail Management

VoIP can also send you your voicemail directly to your email ID. This method you no longer have to listen to your messages one by one using a cumbersome interface. It’s easy to just open up your email client and listen to the wav files directly. You can already store and download them onto your computer.

These are just a few features of VoIP. There are many more, but in spite of of the individual quirks of each ITSP and IP phone, these features should be shared to all of them.

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