Using Spanish Mnemonics to Learn Words Relating to the Kitchen

If you’ve been trying to learn Spanish language vocabulary by rote, and are finding that repeating the same words over and over isn’t exciting you, you might like to try using mnemonics. A mnemonic is a memory aid that improves ingemination by making the information in question more noticable. One way that this can be achieved is by presenting a visual image of some kind that links a information in your native language together with a information in your target language.

This article contains a number of mnemonics for learning Spanish language vocabulary that relates to the kitchen. As you read each mnemonic, try to picture the image given clearly in your mind, paying special attention to the association between the information in Spanish and the sentence given that contains English words that sound like the Spanish. If the image contains the colour blue or red, think of baby clothing: blue corresponds to the masculine gender, red to the feminine.

Bench – el Banco

A blue kitchen bench is being used as a bank, with signs advertising term place rates and mortgage rates.

Cup – la Taza

A red cup is sitting on the bench and a policeman comes and shoots it with a tazer.

component – la Resistencia

A mob of French Resistance members bursts out of the red component on the stove top, shouting ‘Viva la Resistance!’

Fork – el Tenedor

The doorbell rings. The policeman says ‘I had better attend the door’, and he throws a blue fork at it.

Frying Pan Рla Sart̩n

The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre is sitting inside a red frying pan.

To grasp – agarrar

A small girl runs by the scene. The policeman catches her, and in a slurred voice says ‘Ah got her!’

Knife – el Cuchillo

Winston Churchill enters the scene, holding a large blue knife.

Oven – el Horno

A long blue horn sticks out from the front of the oven.

Pantry – la Despensa

Churchill opens the door to the pantry, and finds a medical dispensary with a number of red bottles inside.

Plate – el Plato

Sounds like the English. The philosopher Plato sits in a corner thorough in thought and holding a blue plate in front of him.

Pot – la Olla

A red pot on the bench hollers ‘I’m hollering because I’m a pot!’

Saucepan – el Cazo

Inside a blue saucepan, a number of cars excursion around and around in an O formation.

Saucer – el Platillo

Two saucers sit next to each other, one is blue and the other is shining platinum.

To shake – agitar

Sounds like the English information agitate. Churchill picks up a cocktail shaker and shakes it. The shaker says ‘Hey, that’s really agitating!’

Spoon – la Cuchara

A red spoon walks by a fire. It comes out the other side black and charred.

To store – almacenar

Churchill stores a number of grocery items in one of the cupboards, and then sprays them all with mace.

Table – la Mesa

There is a red table that’s covered in a complete mess.

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