Tunturi Rowing Machines Review

Tunturi Rowing Machines Review

Tunturi is one of the leading manufacturers of fitness equipment that is based in Finland. It is known chiefly for its trainers until it ventured off to all types of fitness equipment that require mobility. It is a company that is known for its ergonomic designs and high profile models that are fit for the fitness-loving and beauty-enhancing market.

The company distributes its fitness equipment to all 40 countries around the world. The company started as early as 1922 when the Harkke brothers came up with a cycle shop and soon produced and launched a specialized fitness machine. The company is known for producing the prototype of the indoor fitness equipment that we are enjoying today.

Rowers are one of the many types of machines that Tunturi manufactures so well. It is known for its silent magnetic resistance system that makes sure you can do your workout smoothly and consistently. Tunturi rowing machines are also known to have great use of technology, that already its pulse rate count is said to be truly accurate.

It also gives you the accurate count of your heart beat, time, distance, calories burned, strokes per minute and already room temperature. These are all displayed in a user-friendly console to keep the person informed of his current position. Another thing that is noticeable to a Tunturi rower is its stability due to the double rail system. It also has the folding system that is helpful for indoor training or home training at that.

Tunturi rowers are also of different types. There are those that are fit for beginners and there are those that motivate you to enhance your fitness routine. With Tunturi rowing machines, you have the options to choose the right form for you with the same ergonomic designs however with different features to help.

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