Top Ten Software to Help Accountants

Top Ten Software to Help Accountants

As an accountant, your job is to continue your client’s accounts. And to add to that, computers and accounting software simply make your life great. Here is a review of the top 10 accounting software which will help you and your clients to manage their finances better.

Accounting software is a boon for so many of us – accountants included! These help us continue our accounts – whether personal or for our business. However, with so many options obtainable in the market, it sometimes becomes very difficult to choose the right accounting software package that will be perfect for the accountant in addition as for the individuals. Hopefully, this review will help you thin down your choices.


This software comes in different flavors depending on the number of users. Between Peachtree Pro, Peachtree Complete, Peachtree Premium and Peachtree Quantum buyers can choose from among several features, depending on what they specifically require. Of these, Peachtree Premium and Peachtree Quantum also have Accountants’ Editions, which can prove to be of great use for specialized accountants. additional to these are several accounting and business management tools, reports customized for industry specific needs, and already payroll management solutions – you have a complete accounting software package that is just right for your pocket in addition.


A very popular choice of accounting software for personal and specialized accounts management, Quickbooks offers something for everyone. Quickbooks is offered in versions Simple Start, Pro and Premier. There is also a free version of the software obtainable for download from the website, and an online version of the software which you can access via the Internet. There is also a Premier version specifically for Accountants. Each of the versions offers a number of features – typically a simple and intuitive interface, access to several reports, payroll and already tax management.


This is another popular choice across the board for individuals, small businesses and accountants. A cross-platform software package, MYOB offers the versions Premier Accounting and Business Essentials for Windows users, and AccountEdge, FirstEdge and Checkout for Mac users. Typically the features include invoicing, banking, contacts management, payroll management, inventory management, time billing, buy management, and over 200 different reports.

Microsoft Accounting Express

Microsoft offers an accounting suite that integrates seamlessly with your other Microsoft products, while allowing you to manage your accounts, invoices, payrolls and already accept credit cards. You can also track your billable time, create quotes and invoices and custom create your reports from 50 obtainable templates.


This is an online accounts management system. There is no software to download and install because it is web based. The website offers different roles for managing accounts, along with a variety of reports and tools for managing accounts receivables, accounts payable, payroll and inventory management along with time billing, costing and banking roles. A good option if you don’t want to install another software package on your computer and want to be able to access your accounts via the Internet.


This is another web-based accounts management system. Freshbooks offers several features like invoicing, time tracking, calculate creation, tracking of expenses, and client and staff tracking among others. You can have either a free account with FreshBooks or a paid account depending on the number of contractors you want to add. FreshBooks also offers branding solutions helping you create an interface which is in line with your logo and company colors.


This is a software package offering a complete suite of accounting features like integration with banking, expense tracking, payroll management, creating customized invoices, credit card payment processing, and over 125 custom reports. An additional buy of Tax Table Updates enables you to automatically calculate your taxes and deductions.


DacEasy is a fairly good accounting software package which offers the typical features and sections like accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll management, inventory tracking, banking and general ledger entries. A variety of reports from these different sections also allow you to review and manage your business more effectively.


CYMA is also another preferred accounting package. Like several accounting software packages, this software also offers accounts payable and receivables, payroll management, banking integration, job costing and general ledger entries. However, it also offers two sections which are not offered by many other accounting software packages: buy Order management and Systems management. However, this software doesn’t offer features like inventory and time billing.


A web-based suite of accounts features, NolaPro offers a number of facilities like accounts payable and receivable, payroll management, order tracking, inventory control, point of sale management, and an e-commerce shopping cart. NolaPro also has a number of plugins which enhance the functionality of the accounts suite.

These accounting software packages should give you an idea of what is obtainable out there in the market. consequently, depending on your requirement and the size of your business you can make the right choice.

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