Top 5 Creative and Fun Party Ideas For Senior Citizens

Who says grannies and grandpas cannot have all the fun they can get? Well, you might find it a bit challenging to play a really great part for senior citizens but it is definitely possible. Just remember that it should be about them and what they like. To give you an idea, here are some of the best and top five creative and fun party ideas for senior citizens which you may want to try:

1. Guess that baby – If it’s possible, you can ask all the attendees of the party to bring in a picture of themselves back when they were nevertheless a baby. But if it’s too much to ask and there’s just no way for them to get as far back as that well, maybe an adolescent picture or a toddler one will do. You can place a wall for this during the party where they can pin their pictures on or have it placed inside a fishbowl and then let them acquire a piece to guess as you guys begin to play it.

2. Concert – Everybody loves music. If you want to see them groove and belt it out wholeheartedly then creating a concert with a specific theme or with an interesting prize would do the trick. Let them group themselves or go into individually, doing either a song, dance or already a song and dance number to entertain the party and give it more life.

3. Play Jeopardy – Or if the oldies are not so much familiar with this one, you can already stick with using a game show format showcasing questions on trivia. You can pick entertainment topics like songs, movies, and celebrities which belong to the era that the senior citizens attending the said party will be familiar with.

4. Organize a bingo night – This is a good different if you have senior citizens who would need to be in wheel chairs or assistance as they attend the party. This way they would really get to enjoy the night without the need of worrying who will be assisting them. Plus, a bingo night can also be produced around a certain theme. You can spice it up whichever way it would be more applicable for the time of the event and also for the attendees.

5. Have an auction party – You can ask the attendees to bring in some valuable items that they would like to auction off. You can turn it into a real auction party, with the proceeds going for some charitable institution or for the assistance of the attendees themselves. You can also add a fun twist to this auction proceedings and make it one of the games in the senior citizen party. Everyone would surely surprise at some of the most typical valuables that these people would be able to bring.

In the end you need to make sure that the ideas you will turn into reality will be appreciated by the attendees. It would also be a better idea to know the condition of the party-goers to make sure you have a comfortable place where the party will be held.

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