Top 11 Film Directors Ever

Top 11 Film Directors Ever

When it comes to directors I really have favourites and will watch films just because of the director already if it sounds like crap I will watch it to see if it is, mine ranges from comedy to drama but all are Auteurs in there own right, I call this top 11 because I always think there’s more than 10 and I’m making a dramatical change out of it ha-ha so he’s my list…

Martin Scorsese – What’s else is there to say about a man who launched Robert De Niro into Stardom in my eyes that would have been enough to get him my list, but what he has done for the last 10 years with Leonardo Di Caprio is beyond reproach in my eyes, his soulful but sharp storytelling of the most mundane subjects for example Taxi Driver, imagine that directed by Steven Spielberg it would have been awful, and historical subjects and making a period movie exciting and iconic as in Gangs of new York.

Christopher Nolan – People always criticise my list for putting this guy to high, but ever since The following I have known this director has possible and I have grown up on his movies and honestly can not pick a best one because who can pick between perfection I always tangle between either the Prestige or Inception and that after hours of argue, but with twists and turns and charismatic characters and storylines that make M.Night shake in his boots. He has the ability to make a character interesting within an inherent storyline that can have you scratching you head but by the end you will be up clapping you hands they are red raw.

Ridley Scott – Ridley Scott s one director that keeps surprising me with his varied in film making, I love Alien and I hope the Reboot is as good, he has blade runner and you think o.k. he’s an amazing Film noir science fiction director, but then he brings out probably the best Historical movie ever in Gladiator, which is so good that I watch it every month and you think well he’s an amazing action movie director who pays attention to detail and an amazing storyteller but wait…. what does the amazing Ridley Scott do then he bring out A romantic comedy set in France… sounds disastrous but a good year is amazing and my favourite romantic comedy with his long time collaborator Russell Crowe. He comes up time and time again he is the most different and enchanting director in my list and will continue to be in the future.

James Cameron – A Director who makes a film every ten years you would say is lazy, but when you make a masterpiece it takes time and that’s what James Cameron is an Artist a complete controller from every aspect of filming editing it screams quality clearly his grand Crescendo has to be Avatar, but my god every film he’s ever done (except Piranha part two), Yes he making KICK ASS science fiction movies but also the Titanic not a personal favourite but you have congratulate the amazing look and feel of the film. To conclude that’s why he’s on the list and why he is on everyone’s list.

Luc Besson – This guy is the only foreign movie director and that because although there are many great foreign movie directors they have one or two movies tops to contribute but Luc Besson is the by far the best French director every!! And probably outside English and American actors the best Director much like James Cameron he has to main strengths he picks his projects with ultimate accuracyn and produces and mentors other French directors to give them a fighting chance. Notable movies inc. Fifth component / Leon; The specialized

Dennis Dugan -Don’t know much about the director, but a long time collaborator of Adam Sandler and director of my favourite movies inc. Happy Gilmore and big daddy and hope he makes a good movie again soon after grown ups as his reappearance hope he brings more out Sandler.

Quieten tarantino – Everyone’s Favourite director! The ultimate cult director, his use of dialogue and characters are unimaginable to anyone reading one of his scripts would think he’s a mad man, but he makes it work. Every actor worth he salt wants to work with him because they know it will be experience and will be a cult figure forever i.e. Brad Pitt. But what most impresses me is his unwillingness to bow to social pressure and make a blockbuster instead now he can make any film he wants…inglorious bastards being the best example Nazi scalping Jews you can’t write that story with a sound mind.

Ron Howard – This is my most surprising pick to myself because although I’ve known he’s a good director but looking at his IMDB list he’s had some mega hits and they include movies I watch over and over and over and I have no idea what all the films have in shared I just known I like the mise en scene and actors he using to portray a story of well know significance as he’s being recently for example his telling of the DA Vinci code and The John Nash story in a beautiful mind and he sets the acts out with an amazingly simple direct approach to telling a story.

David Cronenberg – Possibly the only director on the list I know for a fact my mates or fellow film bloggers wont have on their own list, but Cronenberg is fast becoming my favourite director with films such as Eastern Promises and The fly and history of violence, he takes a story and swaps certain elements to make it different than anyone else does, he cast uncommon people in rule roles and differs between Genres, making his name in Psychopathic science-action with The Fly, the intensity of his camera work and dialogue makes you have catch your breath when a Monologue comes to end. He plays with your mind and you’re Heart and I hope he continues to do so.

David Fincher – Fincher is on here by popular need, and I wanted to keep all the alien directors o my list and although I will completely disregard the social network, will count the fact he’s the maker of Seven, the dingle greatest crime thriller ever made really and the best twist in a movie ever so the film making is immaculate and his though course of action is like a Quarter back style approach to filmmaking while he does magical things on the screen but you know this comes from years and years of planning and research goes into it he deserves to be on my list for that point alone..

Guy Ritchie – An amazing English director and one that will keep getting better and better as the years role on… being married to Madonna at one point is the only reason he is so down-lo on the list, that and he’s not made enough movies to warrant it, but enough to get on the list, his sharp tongued fast paced and very British direction is distinctive and independent to any other person on the list and his ability to clarify a good English actor and ignite a failing actors passion for films as he’s done throughout his movies much like Christopher Nolan method he is aces in my book. Guy Ritchie is an Auteur in the plainest sense because I can tell a guy Ritchie movie a mile off and so can everyone else just look at Snatch and Lock Stock and say I am lying I dare you!

This rounds up my list, I hope you agree with my list and if not post what yours are…

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