The Psychic Soul

The Psychic Soul

Mind energy, spiritual healing, psychism and the afterlife all exist. in addition for many of us, our teachers, parents and mentors tell us nothing of their high tapestry.

Holistic Spirituality, is an exciting occurrences that takes its cue from every aspect of its developing past, in addition there is no one centralized body of authority from which one can gain a complete understanding.

People seem to have a hunger for spirituality, many people seem pushed by an increasing desire for spiritual knowledge.

Millions of people across the world are looking for fresh ways to be spiritual. Not finding the personal spiritual guidance they need in formal religion, they turn to spiritual books, new communities, and independent teachers and leaders.

This eclectic, “salad bowl” approach to spirituality sometimes is sometimes frowned upon by those from religious traditions.

They charge we are just spiritual tourists who visit a shrine or a cathedral, ooh and ah, and then travel to the next exciting destination. If things get a little uncomfortable, we turn off and move on. What stays with us is perhaps only a pleasing memory, a trinket of wisdom or a souvenir of sentimentality, in addition current spirituality offers up the idea it is an exploration in to what is involved in becoming human, a kind of universal code for the search for direction and meaning.

The modern day spiritual guru’s have become brands, which some people follow slavishly, after all the guru’s have access to the spiritual superhighway, don’t they? They also take the chance to champion their own culture as a reference form.

The term is used world-wide, but seems most noticeable in the United States where one study reports that as many as 33% of people clarify as spiritual but not religious. Those that clarify as SBNR vary in their individual practices, and refer to a higher strength rather traditional definitions of god. SBNR describes the demographic which is also known as the ‘unchurched’

Increasingly, leaders in the established churches are making light of this turn toward the spiritual, an attitude which is about as useful as a parasol in a hurricane. The very information “spirituality” is criticized for being shallow, part of the quick-fix, convenience-store mentality of our times, in addition there is a growing hunger for thorough spiritual knowledge and experiences.

Today, with the problems in society and the thorough rooted fear of war, the once materialistic external view of life is being questioned, and more and more people are looking internally. Asking what’s inside is a fantastic way to get onto the spiritual pathway.

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