Termites – Five Tips to Help Prevent Termites

Termites – Five Tips to Help Prevent Termites

Living in South Florida, we have to deal with hurricanes every year. The hurricane force winds of a hurricane or the rushing waters of a flood from these storms can destroy your home without warning. Termites work slowly with a purpose. The purpose is to consume your home as a food source. Their effect on your home can be just as devastating as a hurricane or a flood. Quietly, almost invisibly, they eat away at your home while destroying its structural integrity and its value.

There are ways of helping to prevent their devastation such as preventative treatments like Timbor on the existing wood in the attic or using Baiting Stakes around the perimeter of your home. The following tips can help keep them out of your home:

1. Remove all food supplies such as wood on the outside. They will eat any form of wood, firewood, wood furniture or cellulose.

2. Help prevent moisture supplies such as leaking pipes. Any moisture buildup will encourage them to nest near the water source. They require high levels of moisture to keep the nest growing and thriving.

3. Prevent any buildup of soil around the foundation. If your home has a ventilated space below it, make sure that it stays dry. Make sure that you can access this area to inspect regularly for new termite infestations.

4. Set up a baiting system to monitor your character. Check these bait stations on a monthly basis to stop them dead early before they get a chance to setup housekeeping in your house.

5. Have your home inspected by a specialized for termites. Educating yourself about termites is good, but having a specialized inspect also helps.

In conclusion, it is easier to monitor for possible termite intrusion than it is to get rid of them after they have infested your home. Removing all food supplies and keeping moisture levels down helps prevent termites. Having a specialized Termite Inspector inspect your home is also a good idea. This is their job, they can do it better than you. Always remember, there are natural ways to kill termites such as Timbor or Heat Treatments. If you feel that you might have termites, contact a specialized to inspect your home closest.

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