Television Series Spotlights Nevada Criminal Records

Television Series Spotlights Nevada Criminal Records

There are a number of television dramas that spotlight crime in specific cities. Los Angeles and New York are major cities in the United States. They are densely populated areas, and they have high crime rates. There are a number of television dramas that concentrate on these areas. Most are police dramas. Most television shows that are centered in Vegas center on gambling, as that is what the city is known for. With Nevada criminal records so high, it’s no surprise there is a television series that spotlights crime in the city of Las Vegas. CSI is a popular television show, and its assumption is solving murders that have occurred in Sin City.

Nevada is the seventh largest state in the nation, but a very large portion of the state’s land is owned by the federal government. Nevada is mostly desert areas, which is why 85% of the population resides in the metropolitan areas around Las Vegas and Reno. According to the 2006 Census, Nevada had approximately 2.6 million inhabitants. Approximately 1.3 million people lived in Las Vegas. That’s half of the complete state’s population. Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada. Reno is much smaller, but its crime rates are very similar to those of Vegas. Both Las Vegas and Reno have crime rates that are much higher than the national average. They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that does not apply to Nevada criminal records. Criminal records are public record, so if you commit a crime in Vegas, it will be public knowledge, published in a newspaper, and easy easy to reach by the public if searched via computer or looked up in a Nevada courthouse.

Las Vegas is a growing city. In 1990, it was the sixty-third largest city in America. In 2000, it was ranked thirty-second. In 2005, Las Vegas was the twenty-ninth largest city in the nation. New York City is the largest city in the United States, and Vegas’ crime rates are much higher than those of the Big Apple. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the country, and Sin City’s crime rates top already those of the City of Angels. A close examination of Nevada criminal records discloses that Nevada is ranked number five for murder, number four for rape, number three for robbery, number twenty-three for assault, number nine for burglary, and number two for motor means theft, meaning that not many states have higher crime rates than the state of Nevada.

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