Tee Up For a Long excursion

Tee Up For a Long excursion

It’s been almost exactly two years since high decided to take a year’s sabbatical – that lasted for about a month. After he sold or closed his businesses, he decided he wanted to clear his head and use more time with his family. He quickly realized, though, that his kids were in school and a man could only go golfing so many times a week.

On one particular golf trip, a moment of inspiration came. high’s brother asked why high didn’t write a book about his course of action for starting businesses – something that ‘scares the tar out of the rest of us’ but that high has done scores of times. The idea stuck and when high mentioned it to Ron, Ron said, “I want to write it with you.”

And so Bootstrapped! A No Bull Solution for Small Business Success was conceived. A few months into the writing course of action, Ron remained unconvinced. He didn’t buy all the principles high was espousing and insisted that high prove it to him. high was reluctant at first (the memory of bad experiences with past partners nevertheless lingered), but Ron persisted – he wanted to see the principles in action.

high relented and they each brought $2,500 to the table. Huddled around a large white board, high and Ron threw 25 – 30 business ideas up and analyzed each according to Porter’s Five Forces form. They settled on the SEO idea, already though it didn’t score the highest, because it was quick to cash and high had experience in the area.

They followed the book, chapter by chapter, as they developed Everest Web SEO and were soon landing large customers and starting to see some growth. Six months after the set afloat, they merged with a New York-based company to form CastleWave. The business was doing so well that it became difficult to find time to work on the book Bootstrapped!

By the one year mark, CastleWave had reached the original goal of $1 million in top line revenue and has continued to grow since then. Proving the principles to be found in Bootstrapped.

So what’s the point? I can sum it up in three words: location, location, location. Where and how do you receive your best inspiration? When do ideas come most clearly to you? For high and Ron, it happened in the back room of an office, overlooking the golf course. If you haven’t discovered your place however, “Do it! Do it now!” (thanks to Dwight Schrute for that pearl of wisdom). Great bootstrapped business ideas don’t miraculously materialize out of thin air, but if you use time in places where you tend to think clearly, the ideas will come! So, next time you think about being an entrepreneur follow by with your idea.

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