Study : Remdesivir Reduces Medical Ventilation Need Among Covid19 Pati…

Study : Remdesivir reduces medical ventilation need among Covid19 patients

New research from a trial involving 52 Canadian hospitals indicates use of the antiviral Remdesivir could reduce the need for medical ventilation by nearly 50% in patients hospitalised with Covid19, as against standard treatment.

Results are part of a larger study called the World Health Organization Solidarity, a randomised, controlled trial evaluating remdesivir’s impact on Covid19 patients in several countries. Among participants not on ventilation at the start of the study, eight per cent of the Remdesivir group 46 patients went on to require a ventilator compared to 15%, or 89 patients, who received standard care.

The Canadian trial was able to collect more detailed data compared with some other countries, in addition as engaging patients across a range of ethnicities, particularly important for applications in other countries and in multicultural societies. It also represented the largest single country trial of remdesivir reported to date.

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