Steam Controls Dust Mites, Bed Bugs, Fleas and Other Pests

Vapor steam cleaners produce an extreme temperature that proves to kill not only a wide range of pests but also their eggs thereby eliminating two generations at once and completely breaking the breeding cycle that an aggressive chemical treatments cannot do.

Using steam to eliminate pests gives tremendous benefits to the users.

Not messy and dries fast. Vapor steam is pure water and air. Its moisture content is just 5 percent that method no too much water is running on floors or put into mattresses and carpets. It does not leave surfaces or materials wet and smelly and that is why it is called the “free mess cleaning method”. With an average temperature, bed mattresses and carpets dry within 15 minutes. No need to carry heavy upholstery outside for drying.

Heat effectively kills pests. The most economical form of pest control now is known as steam. Steam is extremely effective in controlling dust mite populations in carpet, bed bugs on mattresses and already fleas on upholstery. At temperatures above 50°C or 120°F, dust mites, bed bugs and fleas are killed effectively with the use of vapor steam cleaner.

During or after treatment, you do not have to isolate or close off rooms. Steam is not health hazardous because it only uses water and not chemicals. You can treat a surface as often as you want. It does not leave residue that can damage or ruin your upholstery.

Vapor steam is not selective. This method will not only target bed bugs, dust mites or fleas but the steam can also kill viruses, germs and bacteria.

Using vapor steam cleaning is a highly effective and efficient method of killing individual species in addition as bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms. Steam cleaners have different tools and attachments for cleaning hard to reach surfaces where most of the viruses and bacteria grow in number that can cause allergies; at more than 100°C temperature, vapor steam cleaning is very effective.

People who suffer from asthma or allergies, treating their rooms with the right cleaning approach is very important. Is it highly recommended to use vapor steam cleaner with vacuum such as Jetvac Pro. The vapor steam cleaner kills the pests and its vacuum characterize permit you to eliminate both the pests and remove the waste and litter that often cause attacks and responses. This method leaves the area fresh and safe for already extreme sufferers.

Steam is simple in addition the most sustainable different for pest control and cleaning surfaces, which is far better than using expensive and toxic chemicals that will cause irritations and rashes.

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