Spiritual Guidance and Psychic Astrology For March 2009

Spiritual Guidance and Psychic Astrology For March 2009

Number One: Let yourself off the hook from the job of saving the world and to tend to the care and well-being of your own self. Is there anything you need to function better?  How’s the chair you sit in all day? Is it good for your back? Do you need to get tested for anything? Have you incorporated exercises into your daily life that you have been meaning to for awhile? Take care of yourself and do for yourself, in March.

Expect to realign partnerships: Because divisiveness is sure to follow if you don’t proportion values, expect to re-align, make adjustments to, or change partnerships if you and your partner are not on the same page. In the time of action, practice communication skills, press trying to create ways that work, first.

Reach out to people this Spring: Make new friends, go into new social experiences–catch the spirit of adventure that is in the air, urging people to go and get involved in something new.  This is how to increase your pleasure and have a richer life. Spring is a feeling  in everybody’s heart in March.

In the Air: This seems like a time that you either change, or something happens to you anyway that creates a change–everyone’s bending and growing in some new way, and entering into new partnerships with themselves.  If you don’t know what to do, do nothing for a minute, just be nevertheless and see what occurs to you when you stop and get calm, and  feel open to choose.

The Pictograph: To interpret, it looks like there’s an event or an angry outburst on a very large extent that involves a lot of people, and it is both a surprise, and something to be expected.

March 2009 Psychic Guidance for the Astrological Signs

Water (Cancer,  Scorpio,  Pisces): You have passed some test; something is very likely to work out well. You get a meaningful go-ahead from the world, and you might already get to tour it!

Fire (Aries,  Leo,  Sagittarius): Fire signs have questions about their changing identity–they’re very aware of personal change. It’s an experience to live by, not so much ask questions about. Only living by it and making choices makes it clear.

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): You deal with changes in partnerships, if they are not supportive, and more is clearer later in March. Not a good time to use money to increase business. Wait to see what is truly happening before acting.

Air signs (Gemini,  Libra,  Aquarius): Now is the time to accept the truth, and find out what partnerships are glued, or where you need to go.  You are emboldened to act on your awareness of the bigger picture and follow where fate points.  

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