Snow Coming For Thursday Morning Commute – CBS Boston

Snow Coming For Thursday Morning Commute – CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Sorry snow lovers but it appears as though the only chance you will have of seeing any of the white stuff for the next week will be Thursday morning. The Saturday storm threat has reduced quicker than the dreams of a Patriots playoff run. We are approaching a consensus solution for a miss wide to the right this weekend and basically just a cold, dry stretch ahead.

Back to that Thursday snow. Most of us will see some snow on Thursday morning, perhaps just enough in areas south of Boston to make for some slick travel on untreated roads. This will NOT be a major event by any method.

Approximate Thursday timeline:

3-5 am: Mix of rain and snow comes down the Mass Pike, starting as rain in eastern sections of MA, snow in other places…very little, if any precipitation north and west of 495/route 2 and up into New Hampshire.


5-7 am: Rain/snow line moves south to about the Cape Cod Canal…steady snow as far north as Boston/128 area, untreated roads become whitened/slippery…just some flurries to the north and west of Boston/128

7-9 am: Rain/snow line now all the way down by the Cape…Snowing light to moderate in most areas south of the Pike, not much happening north of the Pike


9-11 am: Snow continues light to moderate south of the Pike

11am-1 pm: Snow protect begins to move south and east and make it exit…by 1pm only the Cape is left and by 2pm it is all offshore

Total accumulation on Thursday morning expected to be a coating to 2” all areas south of the Mass Pike. There could be as much as 3” in a few secluded areas south of Boston in Plymouth and Bristol counties. North of the Mass Pike, up by the MA/NH border, just some flurries and distributed coatings.


Friday is a very cold day with a stiff wind off the Ocean. That cold air flowing over the comparatively mid-Atlantic could produce some light ocean-effect snowfall over parts of southeastern MA on Friday. Not expecting much more than distributed coatings here and there, mainly over Plymouth county.

Then our attention turns to in addition another coastal storm headed off to our east on Saturday. A wave of low pressure will form on the tail end of Thursday’s cold front way down in the Gulf of Mexico. It will ride up over the southeastern United States and appear off the Carolina’s late Friday. Initially, some models were trying to deepen this system and pull it northward towards New England, now, there is good consensus of a fairly ineffective and flat wave sliding well south of here early Saturday.


With the storm track being much farther south than what is optimal for a good New England snowstorm, it is likely that most of our area won’t see a flake. There is nevertheless a chance that some very light snow may fall over parts of extreme southeastern MA, but already that would be very low impact.

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