Should I Talk to a Psychic? The Top Signs a Psychic Consultation Might…

Should you talk to a psychic? What are the signs that time is “right” to consult with a psychic, intuitive or sensitive? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at when consulting a psychic is a good idea, and the simple sign that usually tells ME the time is right in addition! Care to know more? Great….continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Okay….but how do I know when it’s time to consult a psychic? Are there any sure fire signs that I should look for?

Honestly? I’ll tell you what works best for me:

  1. When you feel that life is overwhelming, and the advice or counsel you are getting from everyone ELSE in your life is simply not adequate or good enough.
  2. When you feel a bit lonely or needing a fresh ear or perspective on a recurring problem.
  3. When you’ve tried OTHER types of specialized counseling…and have just not found a good fit or connection.
  4. Or you simply want to feel a bit enlightened, hopeful and inspired to get over a major hump in your life that is holding you back!

In my own life, I went by a major relationship crisis about 10 or 11 years ago that just felt like the “end”. I had invested so much time, energy and effort into one person…..over the time of so many years, that when this relationship came crashing down, I truly didn’t know where to turn. I turned to family. I talked to friends. I spoke to specialized counselors and already saw a relationship therapist. (by myself..)

All were helpful….and had a place. But it wasn’t until I turned to a specialized psychic that I truly started to see the “light”, and recognize that while painful, this relationship WAS in fact destined to end exactly where it did. (and it was)

What was interesting was……

Coming from a family of doctors, I was surprised at how supportive they were of my decision to get psychic counseling. The truth is, at any rate helps you conquer a crisis, or gives you aid, or comfort, or strength or perspective to conquer obstacles in your life is a positive move! What I learned myself about talking to a psychic in that specific scenario was that being REMINDED that my life had a grander plan, that there was a reason, and rationale to EVERYTHING that happens to us, was a tremendously empowering message to hear.

And while everyone I spoke to tried to communicate a version of this… wasn’t until I spoke to my psychic counselor that it truly made sense, and fit into the framework of understanding my life in a bigger, broader and more complete context!


Our lives ALL have a meaning, and a mystery that goes well beyond what you see and experience everyday. Sometimes seeing that meaning by the eyes of someone UNIQUELY sensitive, is the exact perspective you NEED to move forward, move up and make things really GOOD things happen a hurry! (I know it certainly was for me…)

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