Sharepoint – How to Upload a Document to a Shared Document Library

My boss likes to see the work that he is paying me for. However, in today’s day in age it would take to much time to print out all of the writing that I do and then walk it over to his office for review at the end of every day. He also does not want his in-box infiltrated with information documents.

As I am sure you can imagine, my boss was ecstatic when he discovered that he could have me upload all of my work into a Sharepoint shared document library. This allows him to have access to all of my work with just the click of a mouse. He can review it at his leisure and he does not have to be bombarded with e-mails at the end of each day. Well, at the minimum not from me.

So, the question is how do you upload files into the shared document library?

Well, that’s exactly what this article is about and I will, as always, break it down into a step by step course of action.

Let’s get started.

1. To start things off, you will need to log in to your Sharepoint account. For this activity you do not need to have admin access.

2. Once you are logged into your account find the “Shared Documents” web part which should be located on your home page either in the left hand menu bar or in the cluster of options taking up the center of your page. Once you find this option, click on it.

3. Next, a screen will appear with a number of options in listed in a horizontal menu bar in the center of the page. Find the tab that is titled “Upload” and click on it with your mouse.

4. Following your click, a new screen will appear with an empty box in the center of the page. To the right of this box will be a tab that says “Browse”. Click on this tab.

5. After you have done this, a box will appear that will allow you to search for the file that you would like to have uploaded to the library. Select the file and then hit the “Open” button located in the bottom right hand corner of the box.

6. Now, you will simply hit the “OK” button below the browse tab.

And there you have it! You are now officially a Document library uploading expert!

Pass on your Sharepoint knowledge to another.

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