Setting Up a Membership Website – Part Eleven in the Website Template …

Setting Up a Membership Website – Part Eleven in the Website Template …

Membership websites are a very nice website form but would appear to be getting a little bit of bad publicity lately. What has happened is that the internet marketing world has been promotion the idea of owning a membership website as the best thing since sliced bread, and have caused such a huge arrival of membership websites to appear and some are very badly done. These bad ones have caused a bit of a backlash from the general public.

Now I firmly believe that if you offer a great product that people would be very happy to become members and be already happier to keep members for years to come. Before you already consider the idea of owning a membership website I ask you to consider the following aspects.

You will need to know that there is a need for your particular kind of club or membership before you blunder forward and build a website. If you are fully aware of the possible of this niches membership possible then by all method go ahead.

Members of a club or membership website are not going to be happy to pay a monthly fee to belong to a website that never adds new content to the website. Some membership websites are only meant to be a six week membership, and that is fine if your website is set up that way, but the long term websites need to have a lot of content, news and stuff like features and freebies additional all the time or you will lose your members.

If your membership website is competing in a specific niche where there are already a lot of other membership websites then you had better have something that makes you stand a complete head and shoulders above the crowd or your site will die.

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Here again this would depend upon the original topic, and if your membership website is aimed at antique steam aim enthusiasts then you are not likely to be getting a lot of fresh news daily in such a niche, and would consequently need to be certain that you nevertheless have new and fresh content to add weekly. It would be easier with a more popular topic. What I am saying here is that you would be promoted to be adding hundreds of quality items a month to make already the most jaded member happy and keep increasing your membership site. I am a member of one of the best membership websites online and the guy who runs it keeps us all astounded with the quality that he adds daily. Very few people bail out of that membership website.

Do not lose focus as to what your original intentions where, and you need to remember that that reason is why most of your members joined up in the first place. The idea of adding a fun component like a daily competition might seem like a good idea, but sooner or later you die-hard members are going to be asking questions. If the original intention of your membership website was to keep old car enthusiasts up to date with all the gathering dates and happenings, and you stop telling them those details they will run away.

If you feel that the information membership has started to get a bit of a negative feel to it then I suggest that from the information go you call your membership website by a different name. you can play around with the options like club, team, group and a whole lot more and some will work and others not. Be careful that you nevertheless keep the integrity of the original idea intact.

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