Self great number Or Free great number Project Review

Self great number Or Free great number Project Review

While others have been lying in the sunshine this summer, I’ve been hard at work trying out new and not so new WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, database optimization, and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, which brings me to this next post.

I remember when I started out on the worldwide web I didn’t have too much dinero so I made it a point of trying to make money online with absolutely no cost involved, very important since I didn’t have any to start with!

Reading on the subject close to many people’s dreams, making money on the internet, I discovered that you needed a website. One of the ebooks I purchased said “set up a free website on Blogger, add Google AdSense to it and your off to the bank” which sounded quite possible since Blogger was owned by Google. I spent day and night getting around all this new information. The content I produced wasn’t the problem because a lot of that content is ranked pretty high compared to before.

Unless you’re fluent in website design, html editors, php, java script, I nevertheless strongly advise starting out with any of the great free hosting websites obtainable online. This will get you familiar with all the tools needed to unprotected to your online marketing goals.

Today I was talking with a good friend on mine at HH Website Optimization, and we were discussing the fact that a client to be of his was explaining his new business and I must say it really sounds like a money maker! But like a lot of online entrepreneurs, he has no budget and maybe a little afraid of investing in his online dream. His thinking is like most beginners, “when a associate of sales come in, we’ll do the self hosting deal”, until then I’ll have to do with being on Blogger.

As you can probably guess, he’s nevertheless waiting for that first sale! Before he already gets to see the possible of his great online business recipe, he will lose interest in the whole idea and kiss his dream good-bye! Self hosting website account $6.95 a month. Seeing your dreams by…Priceless!

I went on to explain to my friend that I had written an article that was bugging me for quite a while about 911 and what was going on with the arrest of the No.1 wanted man in the world, Osama Bin filled. I used the Blogger service to publish my article because it didn’t seem to fit with my current website formats. After going to see the article on Blogger, he told me I should publish it on my website. After thinking about it I agreed that it was a good way to prove a point. We both did a Google search on the article title, in addition as the url with no results in the search engines.

So today, Thursday July 15, 2010, I imported my article “Osama Bin filled Wanted or Not – What’s Up With That” from Blogger to my WordPress website and basically not changing anything to it.

Within a period of five days or less we should see results showing up on Google’s search engine. For those interested in the results, I will be posting a conclusion review as always in 30 days once the testing is finalized.

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