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Saturday additional

“Saturday additional” is a rare and lively lifestyle part covering a variety of topics concerning the Houston area! We are always strive to interview guests that, inform, educate, help and entertain you!

In our January 8 part, we will highlight strength Wizard! This company wants you to save you money every month on your electricity bill! They specialize in finding and comparing electricity rates, so that you don’t have to use your valuable time searching for the best plan. Using your past bill and electricity consumption data, strength Wizard’s smart technology looks for and compares hundreds of electricity plans within seconds to find the perfect one for you. strength Wizard’s technology was originated by a team of energy professionals who saw current price uncertainty in the electricity market. Mainly the fact that no two homes use electricity the same way makes it very difficult to clarify a plan that is suited for your needs and lifestyle, especially with countless choices, deals and gimmicks floating around the market. Taking all these factors in mind and focused on the idea that not one person should overpay for strength, they set out to use this state of the art technology and excellent customer service to ensure that your lights stay on and your bill stays low. For more information on how you may be able to save with strength Wizard click here.

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