Salt Water Canals for Desalinated Inland Water Supplies Considered

Salt Water Canals for Desalinated Inland Water Supplies Considered

There is a harsh water shortage in many parts of the country and however we have those drought regions fighting for their water supplies as the larger populations down stream in the United States also need them. Some have hypothesizedv saltwater canals to bring water inland as far as functional and then putting inland desalination plants.

Regarding this water idea, I have thought there too. Inland sea water canals and desalination could provide more fresh water and allow the over all water supplies to not have to be stretched so thin. Lets confront it as our population expands we will indeed have 420,000,000 people in the United States by 2035 and we are currently already having water supply issues. Additionally, I was impressed with this report recently:

In California the land costs too much to build desalination plants on the coast, but ships off shore could supply the water if they were set up with Desalination Equipment and water could be brought in canals to areas like Palm Springs, Yuma AZ and Phoenix and consequently the Colorado river could be used to supply the growth of Las Vegas, some of Arizona and Tucson and some left for our neighbors to farm with, as their water is salty and brackish now there in Mexico. I am very concerned with water issues, I wrote about this thought in June of 2005;

long-term it bothers me and we keep expanding and only band-aiding the problems Look at Colorado, WY, MT, KS, NM. Ouch. There are some solutions, but we need to get the infrastructure going Now! So perhaps we should be thinking on this and plan ahead in starting today in 2006.

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