Roses Are Red, Violets Are Dead: Taking Care of Cut Flowers

Cut flowers in a vase are the perfect decoration for your home, they bring a waft of fresh air in the room and make people happier. Women enjoy receiving cut flowers in a bouquet. Men enjoy picking up the most beautiful cut flowers for their loved ones. But after several days of joy and happiness, the wonderful bunch of cut flowers start to wither in their vase, and have to be thrown away. We don’t need to be as sensitive as Exupery’s Little Prince to feel sadness when our beautiful roses are fading in their vase. But what can be done about it, you may ask, that is the natural course of action and it can’t be stopped. Yes, it cannot be stopped, but at the minimum it can be delayed by conforming to the following tips:

First you have to make the vase appropriate for placing the cut flowers in it. Put the bunch aside in a permanent container and wash carefully the vase in water with household bleach. Fill the vase with fresh water and pour half a teaspoon household bleach for each litre of water.

After you have cleaned the vase, it is time to take care of the cut flowers before you put them in it. You need to remove all the leaves which will show below the waterline of the filled-up vase, because otherwise they will start decaying in the water and will make it foul. Before putting the cut flowers in the water, you should remove about 20 mm from the base of each stem. After you do it, closest place the cut flowers in the water- that will remove any air bubbles.

The last thing you have to bear in mind is to take daily care of the flowers. Put fresh water in the vase every day. Keep the bunch away from heaters, or any other electricity device, such as TV sets and computers. Cut flowers will look as vivid as possible if you place them away from direct sunlight or drafts. Another thing to be taken into account is fruit. The vase shouldn’t be close to fruit, because of the fruit midges and little flies that can ruin the delicate flowers.

If you keep these tips in mind, you may preserve the fresh look of your cut flowers for over two weeks.

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