Review of Some Low Cost in addition Quality Web Hosting sets

Review of Some Low Cost in addition Quality Web Hosting sets

I have reviewed some web hosting sets that offer good quality hosting at reasonable price. These are not the best hosting sets and they are appropriate only for starters.

GoDaddy web hosting:

GoDaddy is basically a domain registration company, but they also provide web hosting sets.

Features: With a choice of Linux and Windows based hosting, they provide fairly large disk space and monthly bandwidth and their characterize list is more than enough for starters. Their economy plan, which is the base plan, offers 10GB of storage and 300GB of move per month. You can also get a domain name for $2 with this plan.

Prices: Economy plan starts at $5 per month and the unlimited plan costs $15 per month. Considering the features offered, the economy plan is quite cheap as compared to other hosting sets. One good thing more about GoDaddy is that you can pay bi monthly, avoiding any long term contract in case you change your mind later.

sustain: There are mixed opinions about GoDaddy’s sustain. Most of the people say they don’t get a response within a day. While for some, their sustain has been good. This is a negative point for starters, as anyone hosting a website for the first time will definitely need sustain at some point.

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Namecheap Web Hosting:

Namecheap is also a domain registration company. It started web hosting business about a year ago and there have been a lot of positive reviews about it.

Features: Their basic plan offers 5GB disk space and 250GB bandwidth. Their language sustain options are appropriate only for PHP based websites. But that can nevertheless sustain open source CMS and blogging systems.

Prices: At $40 per year, the Basic plan is obtainable only with annual or bi-annual contract, which is bad. You don’t want to get stuck with them for a year in case find them not up to your mark. However, you can get a their pro plan for $7 per month with lots of more features. They also give 14 days money back guarantee for all their plans. If you are registering a domain name with them, you will get free privacy protection for first year.

sustain: Namecheap is reputed for good quality sustain. Most people have said they received a quick response from their sustain. This is extremely helpful for starters.

Promo/coupon codes: SAVE7993 – 10% discount on new domain name registrations.


A Small Orange web hosting: A Small Orange is a small and little known company but they have a lot of positive reviews. Their shared hosting plans are best suited for starters.

Features: The basic plan called Tiny offers 75MB space and 1GB bandwidth per month with a yearly payment. The next one called Small is also appropriate for starters, which offers 400MB disk space and 10GB bandwidth per month. One good characterize of A Small Orange is that they have a policy of “no artificial limits”, which according to them is placing no restriction on sets that do not cost them, like adding domains, Emails etc. They claim, other hosting service providers place restrictions on these sets to charge additional when you need them. As a consequence, they offer unlimited databases, sub-domains, add-on domains, FTP accounts and email forwaders etc. A Small Orange places restrictions on sets that cost them, like disk space, bandwidth, memory size etc.

Prices: The Tiny plan is obtainable for $25 per year. The “Small” plan is obtainable for monthly price of $5, nevertheless very cheap. A Small Orange is not a domain registrar but they register domains by for $10 with free privacy protection, a service for which most domain registrars charge additional fees.

sustain: Fast and friendly sustain is something A Small Orange is reputed for. Although their quality of sustain has gone down due to increase in accounts, but nevertheless they are better than most of other web hosting sets.

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1and1 web hosting: 1and1 is a reseller hosting company and they have been quite problematic for some people. If you so some search about them, you will find that most of the reviews about them are bad. But being a 12 year old company, they are quite well known too.

Features: Looking at their features and knowing the fact that they have a large customer base too, there is little doubt that they are over-sellers. The basic plan called 1and1 Beginner offers 10 GB storage and 300GB move per month. They also provide free private registration. There are a large number of features that are not obtainable for the basic plan, they are only obtainable for higher plans.

Prices: The basic plan is obtainable with a 6 months contract only at the rate of $4 per month. Its not good to have a 6 month contract with a company that has bad reputation. They register domain for a reasonable amount of $7. If you buy a domain name with a hosting plan, you will get free private registration.

sustain: Their reputation for sustain is worst as it can be. But if you are you can tackle minor hosting problems by yourself, then their sustain should not be a big concern for. You are looking for a cheap solution after all.

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