Recite Alphabet Backwards Test For Drunk Drivers – Best Video – Field Sobriety Test

Recite Alphabet Backwards Test For Drunk Drivers – Best Video – Field Sobriety Test

Recite the Alphabet Backwards?

To recite the alphabet backwards is a challenge to the way most brains function. I found an truly amazing video of a “Marlboro Cowboy” kind of guy, that when stopped for suspicion of a DUI, was able to recite the alphabet backwards like it was his daily morning routine. The police camera recorded the complete stop.

And to top it off, he could also dance like Fred Astaire, or possibly a country western version of Fred Astaire. And to top that off, the man appears to most likely be intoxicated, but passes with flying colors. The validity of DUI Field Sobriety Tests (FST) was what I was originally researching when I found this wonderful video.

This is a likable kind of guy, sort of a good ‘ole boy. He does not appear to have practiced this as a stunt. But you become amazed when he starts to perform the officer’s request to recite the alphabet backwards. He says, “from Z to A? Sure. Uh,” and then it just flows out!

Can you do it? Try. My brain works in such a way that I have to say it in my head to the end and then memorize the last 5 or 6 and say them backwards. Then I have to repeat the same course of action.

I’ve spent a lifetime in medicine and law so I feel like my brain gets regular exercise. But this is not easy for me.

This guy already sings a little of the alphabet tune backwards. The female police officer states that it was exceptional, and she’d never really seen anybody do that before – which was my original hypothesis that this is a test designed for failure.

The DUI video and the field sobriety test then becomes almost bizarre as the police officer makes this man repeat a little dance routine she has made up. I just can’t imagine this scenario. When the Marboro Man adds a few twists to the dance routine, the officer again tells him that he was “really good” and wondered if he was a specialized dancer. The guy says, “No, I’m just drunk!”

You have to question the legality of this stop and the requests the officer made. But the whole 2 minutes will make you laugh, shake your head, and make your jaw drop open. What makes this guy, and our legal system work?

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