Purchasing a Domain – additional Value

Purchasing a Domain – additional Value

Purchasing a domain name is one of the basics of starting your online business or your personal site. There are several aspects attached to purchasing a domain, but what we are going to discuss in this article is the additional value. Domain name comes with several additional sets and tools, and getting these additional features may help you deal with setups and possible issues in the future.

The most shared domain bonus is a simple hosting plan. You can truly register.ca domain and get free web hosting space to start your site right away. Bonus hosting space also comes with free site builder designed to help beginners set up their sites in a matter of minutes. Although the hosting space offered as a bonus for your domain name buy may not be sufficient for complicated CMS-based site, but it will be more than enough for simple static-page sites for your business.

Total DNS control is not exactly a bonus, but not all domain registrars offer complete access to DNS settings by their control panel. Picking registrar that offers complete control over your domain’s DNS settings can make managing domain names a lot easier. You can also set forwarding and redirects by control panel offering you total access over your domain settings, so the characterize is worth looking for.

Domain names can also be used for email purposes, so make sure the registrar you are purchasing domain names for offers email control or already a dedicated personal mailbox with the buy. You don’t really need large email storage space if you are using Outlook or similar software to manage emails, so the basic package offered as a bonus to your buy should be more than enough.

As I said earlier, these bonuses may not be much for some people; nevertheless, they are very valuable and can be quite useful if you are starting your first site with your own domain. These features will add value to the domain registration service you are using, making the amount of money you use on getting the right domain name for your site worth it.

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