Psychic FAQ: Do Psychics Read Minds?

Psychic FAQ: Do Psychics Read Minds?

Is mind reading possible? Is that what most psychics are really doing? What about mediums… are they REALLY communicating with spirits, or instead, are they simply reading the thoughts of the people who contact them for help?

Telepathy, or the transference of information from one to the next is one of the most exciting areas of psychical research there is.

Believe it or not…..there is PLENTY of very persuasive evidence that telepathy is not only a genuine occurrences, but that it’s something that could explain much about how psychic readings work in addition.

Interestingly though…many paranormal researchers, parapsychologists and new age aficionado’s do NOT like the idea that psychics may be reading minds when offering clairvoyant or medium style sets.


Well, at the minimum in the case of mediumship, it may prove that energy and information CAN be transferred from person to person, but it doesn’t prove that the afterlife is real, or that our loved ones live on after physical death.

Many mediums completely discount the idea of telepathy altogether, and will often explain that much of the information they get during a reading was NOT known to the client or caller…..which helps reduce the likelihood that they are reading MINDS, instead of communicating with spirits.

Other explanations for telepathy, or the acquisition of information using psychic skill is that the actual “universe” itself is made up of information, and that a good psychic is simply tuning into that field and picking up imprints of that information, and repeating it back.

Several well known psychics and mediums, including the late, world famous Edgar Caycee, spoke of what he called an “Akashic Record” which was very similar to an information field and where all events…..both past, present and future “lived” at any one time, and could be accessed by anyone who had the gift.

Sound a bit out there?

Think again! The world famous psychologist, Carl Jung also spoke of something very similar… which he called the “collective unconscious”, and after this own incredible near death experience, he wrote that THIS world is really the “dream” one and the world that awaits us all is far more real.

My own thoughts?

I definitely believe that telepathy is real, and that many psychics can “read minds” to some degree, but don’t believe that it explains away some of the amazing abilities others seem to possess in addition.

My own experiences with mediums who have communicated with the spirits (or energies) of people I have loved and lost……and in doing so, have told me things I didn’t know myself, gives me certainty that there is something FAR more powerful than simple mind reading going on…:-) (although of course, many would argue that the idea of mind reading itself is so amazing that it shouldn’t be described as simple!)

What do YOU believe? Truthfully? The whole area of spiritual science and the interconnectedness of ALL things is my favorite topic to talk (and write) about and exploring these mysteries of the mind (and spirit) have made MY life feel like one big, current, exciting adventure and I’m glad to have you join in on the ride!

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