Pros and Cons of Shared Web Hosting sets

Another name for shared web hosting service is virtual hosting service. It basically refers to a web hosting service, where many websites are placed on the same server. Each site is placed on its own portion to keep it separate from other websites. Shared hosting is considered to be the most economical service as the cost of maintenance of the server is shared by different people. Like coin has two sides, Shared Web Hosting Service has got advantages and disadvantages both. Below mentioned are the main benefits of the Shared Web Hosting sets:

1. The biggest assistance of shared hosting is its cost effectiveness. It is cheaper as compared with dedicated web hosting service. People opt for shared web hosting sets because it is low in price. The reason for low cost is that there are many people who together take care of the server maintenance in the case of shared web hosting sets.

2. In case of shared hosting providers, there is a guarantee of technical sustain. Many customers are the foundation of the business in case of shared hosting. Hence, it provides excellent customer service and technical sustain. In case an individual is new in business, he should opt for shared web hosting, as he can expect a lot of technical help from it.

3. Multiple e mail and PHP assistance are other benefits to be mentioned. In case one does not have sound knowledge of hosting, server etc., he can opt for hosting providers as there is a lot of technical help obtainable.

With above mentioned benefits, there are few drawbacks also for shared hosting. They are:

1. One of the biggest drawbacks of shared hosting is that there is without of security in this kind of hosting. Since, the server is getting shared with lot of individuals and organisations; it runs more risk as far as security is concerned.

2. There is another drawback. This drawback talks about low speed. Since, there are many websites running on the same server, there is a possibility that one of them is drawing or more than one are drawing lot of traffic. This might load the server and overall speed of the server might come down. This can consequence in unhappy users on the website. Users or visitors might have to wait for long on website due to shared server scenario.

3. One does not get the freedom to install different types of programs in case of shared hosting. The reason for the same is that there is a separate individual or organisation that is running the server. They own it.

4. There is always bandwidth stated to each website in case one opts for shared web hosting service. If a particular website exceeds or goes beyond the stated bandwidth, the server company charges them additional for that month.

By keeping these pros and cons, one can make their decision.

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