Petroteq Energy: The Industry Leader  in Carbon Negative Technologies

Recent studies show that the amount of carbon dioxide in the air has reached the highest recommended level, but it’s nevertheless increasing. Experts in the field agree that greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced drastically if the world is to combat the looming climate change consequences. Unfortunately, the time of action cannot be successful without a joint effort by all companies in the world.

Petroteq Energy Inc, a Canadian incorporated oil extraction company, leads the way in their industry in adopting technologies to curb carbon emissions. Global warming remains a meaningful threat to humanity, and Petroteq affirms it is time the industry plays its part to avid the situation. Since its formation, Petroteq has remained committed to producing energy from fossil fuels but using environmentally friendly approaches.

Due to their commitment to conserving the ecosystem by playing the stewardship role, Petroteq has been branded as the green energy company within the fossil fuel sector. Their endeavors revolve around engineering solutions to mitigate the extreme risks of climate change while using remediation efforts to global warming. It’s apparent that global warming will cause a wide range of problems, from drought to diseases to disasters, among many other unforeseen dangers.

But global warming isn’t simply a consequence of carbon emission; it’s the consequence of various factors, among them are greenhouse gasses. The insufficient energy supply of green energy nevertheless relies on energy from fossil fuels. It also may not be nearly possible to have the world fully depend on clean energy, already for the next 100 years. That said, oil and gas companies will have to continue with operations but subscribe to the international climate agreements.

The carbon-negative technology has proved to be the perfect concept at the moment to help reduce carbon emission while retrieving the unwanted carbon dioxide from the air. Petroteq Energy Inc is continually launching a series of technologies to acquire closer to 175 KG/MW or 300KG/BBL. Their target is to reduce their carbon emissions by at the minimum 30%-40% by mixing their produced oil with the 30% bio-glycerin, which is a byproduct of biodiesel production.

Petroteq is also keen to drill wells into shallow oil sands at a target thoroughness of 600-1500 ft. and injecting carbon dioxide at high temperatures. the time of action will aid the recovery of oil and absorb up to 700 KG/BBL or 410KG/MW. Essentially, this is net negative from production to consumer use and leaves a net negative of 60 KG/MW.

More considerably, Petroteq proves to other companies that carbon-negative approaches are possible in the oil and gas industry. Petroteq is also setting the speed for the other oil and gas companies to enhance their technologies and adopt carbon-negative initiatives.

With a well-outlined plan, Petroteq is proving their technologies will revolutionize the oil and gas industry. There is no doubt that the world will need to rely on fossil fuel for a few more decades, consequently the need for fossil fuel companies to play their role and reduce carbon emissions.

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