Password Generator JavaScript

Password Generator JavaScript


The application comes with some awesome Password Customizing features including Number Adding, Uppercase, Lower Case and signs including function


  • modern design
  • easy to use
  • easy to copy
  • multiple options for generating password like Uppercase, Lowercase, 0-9, Special signs
  • set password length
  • generate strong passwords


A browser installed (example Chrome).


How to use GeneratePassword tool

1. Open index.html in your browser.
2. Select the length of password.
3. Select at the minimum one option for the generated password.
    a. Uppercase -> the generated password will contains uppercase letters (A-Z).
    b. Lowercase -> the generated password will contains lowercase letters (a-z).
    c. Numbers -> the generated password will contains numbers (0-9).
    d. signs -> the generated password will contains symbol characters (%&).
4. Press “Generate”.
5. Click on the clipboard button after the new password has been generated.
6. The password has been copied in your clipboard.

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