Paradise Mobile Style – Take a Vacation from the Heavyweights

Paradise Mobile Style – Take a Vacation from the Heavyweights

Go light and ultra versatile with Palm Treo 700w, It’s like a bikini instead of a wetsuit when you experience Palm’s Windows mobile Treo

You don’t have to have your weekly thorough tissue massage from carrying around a cell phone, PDA, iPod MP3 player, laptop and camera in your briefcase or purse. With the thin and lightweight Treo 700w it’s a mobile paradise. The Treo 700w has a strong operating system and good reception and call quality.

    Look at all these great features:

  • Voice recognition dialing
  • Download data audio and video content at general and cable speeds on Verizon’s ED-VO network.
  • Connect to Bluetooth headsets, car adapters and GPS receivers more seamlessly with built-in Bluetooth 1.2 software.
  • Compatible accessories to its predecessor Treo 650.
  • When your Treo 700w rings, it is easy to be thoughtful and courteous. There is a ringer on / off switch to silence the cell phone ringing. Don’t be a victim of cell phone rage. Turn your 700w to vibrate mode before a business meeting or a blind date.
  • Easy, easy to reach one-handed navigation with the Treo 700w, you can do most responsibilities without using a stylus pen, which can be awkward and stressful.

Take your home office into the field. Run programs you already know including: Microsoft information, Excel, PowerPoint mobile, Internet Explorer mobile media 10 player mobile, MSN messenger, Outlook calendar, contact pass and messenger on the Treo 700w’s versatile Windows mobile 5.0 operating system.

Add capabilities to fit any project or job. Make the Treo 700w already more versatile with the following built-in features: Bluetooth 1.2, 1.3 megapixel camera, WiFi card, Bluetooth wireless headset, Verizon ED-VO Internet high-speed connectivity and one-hand navigation.

This article provides information about Treo 700w’s new Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. Many of the built-in features listed above will make the new Treo 700w irresistible. Here are some of the questions this review will answer:

  1. What sort of high-speed service does Verizon’s show offer?
  2. The emergence of one button push e-mail technology.
  3. Does the battery have a long life line?
  4. What about Microsoft’s new Windows mobile 5.0 operating system?

No more days of holding a 2X4 to your ear. Now when you answer a call with the new Treo700w you’ll notice its light weight and easy-to-fit design ergonomics.

When any new PDA/cell phones hits the market, there is usually a lag time before the compatible accessories are obtainable. This is not true with the Treo 700w. If you own the Treo 650, you can use all your Treo accessories with the Treo 700w.

There’s one major change or upgrade to 700W from the Treo 650. Now you’ll notice two soft buttons right below the LCD screen of the Treo 700w. These set afloat the Windows mobile 5.0 application.

The green telephone icon button on the far left will let you make a cell phone call. The red telephone icon, on the far right, lets you go into your cell phone call. The Windows button to the right of the green telephone icon launches the Windows mobile start menu.

The OK button to the left of the red telephone icon button is used to close a current open application, so be sure you’re ready to quit the task at hand before you press the button.

What’s nice about the new Treo 700w QWERTY keyboard is that the keys are squarer and better spaced apart than its predecessor. At night, if I need to e-mail someone, the illuminated keys make it easy for me to see what I’m typing on the screen.

New Treo 700 Screen with New Features

What I like about the new screen is the quick dial window at the top of the LCD screen. With this characterize it’s easy to kind in the name or telephone number to dial.

Also, near the bottom of the 700w screen is a web search window. Simply kind in the keyword phrase in right away, the 700w will set afloat a Web browser and give you the results of your keyword search. The other handy characterize is that you can now program VCR-like keys. These hotkeys can be programmed so you can easily delete, or skip to the next message just by pressing these hot keys. You can easily hit: play, next message, back, pause and delete.

Lower Screen Resolution and Long Battery Life

The old Treo 650 came with a higher screen resolution at 320 x 320 pixels. With the new Treo 700w the resolution is lower at 240 x 240 pixels. It is nevertheless easy to read at night and in the bright outdoors. I checked e-mails, looked at my schedule for the day and called someone with one hand. Because of the centrally located 5-way navigation pad, the Treo 700w is comfortable for both left handed and right handed people. The 700w comes with an expanded SDIO expansion card slot, which allows the addition of up to 2 GB of storage space.

I used the Treo 700w for complete three days before I needed to replace the battery. This is definitely an improvement over the older 650 form. Also, the flash ROM built-in the Windows buffs up things, which drastically reduces battery consumption, a good thing. If you’ve just spent 45 minutes typing in a proposal and your battery runs out, don’t pull your hair out, the data will be stored on your flash ROM.

Verizon ED-VO Fast Internet Option

Verizon claims that their high-speed ED-VO can move data at 400 to 700 kilobytes per second. Comparing both the Treo 650 in the new 700w, I loaded a web page five times faster on the 700w using Verizon’s ED-VO network than on the Treo 650. Browsing on the 700w is comparable to my broadband cable Internet connection at home.

Alert Friends and Family with One Push E-Mail

Move over Blackberry. The Palm Treo 700w uses a polling course of action to send an SMS from your server to the Treo 700w. This tells the Treo 700w to get ready and receive a message.

What is polling? You can program your 700w to pull e-mail to your device on a regular basis. for example, every morning at 8 a.m., you can program your e-mails to be downloaded from your server to the Treo 700w device.

True one push e-mail is when you receive an e-mail, and that e-mail closest is sent to your Treo 700w device, that’s called push e-mail. Unfortunately, push e-mail won’t be obtainable until the next upgrade. When will that be? None of us know unless you have a psychic friend that has an 85% accuracy level. You can ask your psychic friend to tune into the cosmos and ask when Palm will roll out the true push e-mail to market.

It’s never been easy to stay in touch inexpensively with friends and family. Now you can by e-mailing them a positive message from your Treo 700w.

What is Wireless sync from Verizon Wireless? This is an additional service that you need to subscribe to from Verizon wireless. It is not obtainable on the market today. But down the road, you will be able to redirect your e-mail from your home computer or office server directly to your 700w smart phone in real-time.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Operating System

Last spring, Bill Gates announced the set afloat of Windows mobile 5.0 operating system. Now you can view: pod casts, photo blogs, download news RSS feeds, and stream live TV shows and music from your TV tuner enabled desktop PC at home to your Treo 700w. I did not find the 5.0 operating system to be buggy at all.

One Very Amazing Converged PDA/Phone

In the past, converged devices offered low-quality cell phone reception and call quality. Essentially, if you owned an older converged device, it amounted to a very expensive PDA and a bad cell phone. Many folks would have to carry around a regular cell phone just so they could make and receive cell phone calls.

The Treo 700w radio stack and Windows mobile 5.0 is completely revamped. Now there are less dropped calls. Plus, it offers higher call quality. With Verizon Wireless, my provider, I found the call clarity to be greatly improved compared to the Treo 650. I purposely made a three-way conference call to two associates of mine: one located in Sedona, Arizona and the other in Long Island, New York. During the complete conference call, I heard everyone just fine. The call did not end abruptly due to poor reception. Overall, the Treo 700w smart phone surpassed my expectations.

Thanks you Palm, the Verizon network and Windows mobile 5.0. Now I have mobile paradise. I hope you will too.

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