Paint Emulsions Are the New confront of the Paint Industry

Paint Emulsions Are the New confront of the Paint Industry

To imagine our world without colours is like watching the universe by a dull, monochromatic lens. Colours fill us with a sense of joy, a sense of propriety, belonging and makes everything look different and rare.

Colours look different on different objects and appear different in different kind of lights. They also appear different depending on different surfaces and depending upon the usage. That is exactly why a colour will look different on exterior and interior walls. Although it is a matter of the combination of the painted surface and the kind of colour used, different varieties will give a different look to each surface. Paint companies too suggest different colours and emulsions for different surfaces. For example, distemper will look different from an emulsion, be it for the inside walls or the exteriors.

Emulsions typically last longer than distempers and also give a better finish than distempers. Emulsion paints are oil based paints that are made by mixing two non-immiscible liquids together. They usually have a clouded look due to the combination of multiple substances. Paint pigments are suspended in various solvents which in turn perform the task of controlling the viscosity of emulsion paints.

Emulsion paints have fillers which fulfill a number of requirements like increasing the paint quantity, thicken the films, increases longevity or already form a base structure for the paint to settle in properly. The emulsion may also be treated by paint companies to work differently in different conditions or by different application methods. Also, they might add certain additives to impart it with different similarities which may be sold under different categories for different types of users. These similarities may include water resistance, fungus and mildew resistance, stain resistance, anti-bacterial growth to name a few.

Emulsion paints are useful in a number of ways. Firstly, they last more than distempers, typically around 8-9 years. Also they help provide a better finish and a high sheen which is not always possible with distempers. They can be applied to different surfaces including interior and exterior walls, false ceilings, asbestos sheets, etc. Thanks to the smooth finish that emulsions allow the paint to be, they continue to give that ‘recently painted’ look year after year.

Although emulsions are easy to use, they must be handled very carefully. Store it in a cool and dry place. Avoid eye and skin contact. In case of contact, rinse it with soap and clean water. Do no inhale the paint fumes; it may prove injurious to health. Just follow a few precautions and make your walls look the way you want it to.

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