Over 100 Afghans re-settle in Colorado thanks to Team Rubicon

Over 100 Afghans re-settle in Colorado thanks to Team Rubicon

DENVER (KDVR) — The mission to help their Afghan allies goes on for a group of volunteers from Team Rubicon.

Interpreters or anyone who aided U.S. troops in that country nevertheless persevere a life-or-death situation after the Taliban took over.

Team Rubicon said it’s helped hundreds escape that country and re-settle, right here in Colorado.

Denver Army veteran continues work to help Afghans escape danger

“From August to December, last year, we helped sustain over 120 moves,” Jordan Daniel, administrator for Team Rubicon in Denver, said.

With the help of volunteers from Team Rubicon, those families are escaping the Taliban and starting new lives in Colorado.

“We’re taking a lot of donated household goods, furniture, supplies, basic household items,” Daniel said.

Daniel served in Afghanistan when he was in the Navy and continues his service to Afghans. He said interpreters he’s known have been killed over the years.

“So already though the folks that directly supported our service members did not survive, we were able to get their families out,” Daniel said.

District attorney deploys to help settle Afghan refugees

So why do they settle in Colorado?

“Mostly because they already have some family in the state,” Daniel said.

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