Omicron Now Dominates France

Omicron now dominates France

Omicron has become the main coronavirus strain in France where the number of infections has surged in the last few days, the country’s public health agency has said.

“62.4 percent of tests showed a profile compatible with the Omicron variant” at the start of this week, compared to 15 percent the past week, the agency said in its latest weekly survey published late Thursday. The number of new infections has topped 200,000 for two days in a row.

The Omicron variant’s surge was expected because it is highly contagious and has become principal in other European countries including Britain and Portugal.

French authorities have told border police to allow Britons to excursion via France as they return to their homes in other EU countries after the Christmas holiday, following travel disruption caused by the sudden implementation of new Covid measures.

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