No place Texas Electric Service

A few electricity providers offer some different ways for low or no credit Texas energy consumers to have their electric service turned on without having to fork over the equivalent of 1 months rent for many of these Texas electricity customers. You will hear three different options when it comes to low or no place electric service. These options are post paid, no place guaranteed, and prepaid electricity service. The post paid energy service is what most people have. You simply are billed for the electricity service you used the past month and you pay that amount. The problem is if you have bad credit most electricity companies in Texas are going to want a place.

Post paid electricity service is the ideal situation because you get billed for your usage after you have used it and you pay on the designated due date. This gives you time to read your bill and study how much energy you have used. You can then pay your bill online or by mail and maybe work on using less next month. The post paid electric service plans are usually cheaper then prepaid electric service. Many post paid plans obtainable are fixed rates. These rates have been locked in for a 6 month, 1 year or 2 year electricity price. When signing up on a fixed rate you know exactly what you will be charged for electric service each and every month because the price does not change. The problem with trying to get on a fixed rate on a post paid service is that most providers will need a place if you have no credit or just bad credit. Many consumers have to skip this choice because the place amount is way outside what they can provide to pay.

There is another Texas electricity service choice called prepaid electricity. This kind of service requires the Texas electric provider to come out to your home or apartment premises and install their own meter. This electricity meter allows you to prepay for electric service in improvement. The main issue with prepaid electricity service in Texas is that many customers have complained that their electric service was cut off prematurely for being a little late on prepaying for their service. The Texas government requires that Texas electricity companies give the energy consumer fair warning before turning off their electric service but many consumers have complained that this is not what happens. The PUCT is supposed to fine the energy companies that break the rules but many consumers do not file the appropriate evidence that proves to the state that the Texas electricity company is not following the consumer protection laws. It is up to the consumer that was wronged to call the Public Utility Commission of Texas and explain what the Texas energy company has done to them in order for the state to take appropriate action.

The final Texas electricity service choice for low income or no credit customers is the no place guaranteed option. For those Texas energy consumers that have had their credit dinged by some late payments or a credit card that was charged off there is nevertheless an option for them. The no place guaranteed choice requires that the Texas energy consumer have a valid credit card. As long as a valid credit card is obtainable there is a second chance for someone who needs to get Texas electric service turned on right away without having to worry about how they are going to come up with $200 – $1000 for a place. The way the no place plan works is the consumer pays a slightly higher electricity service rate the first 3 months they are with the no place Texas electric company. After the customer has paid on time the first 3 months the electric company will proactively lower the energy price to the lowest obtainable electric rate they offer in Texas. This gives the no credit or bad credit customer a second chance of reestablishing themselves as a responsible customer who pays their bill on time. Instead of penalizing the customer for their mistakes in the past this company rewards the customer provided they pay their bill on time the first 3 months.

When choosing between post paid, prepaid and no place guaranteed electricity service in Texas there are only a few things to consider. The decision is a no-brainer for most people in a bad or no credit situation because most people want as little headache with their energy company as possible while nevertheless being given the chance to sign up for affordable energy service. Prepaid electricity is not the right choice for most people because the rate is usually much higher then other electric companies and the track record of these energy companies turning off electric service prematurely is pretty high. Post paid electricity service is not an option for most bad credit risk customers because they would have to come up with a very high place amount just to get electric service turned on in their name. No place guaranteed Texas electricity service becomes the best option for someone looking to sign up and order electric service in their name and completely avoid the high place scenario. The electricity service gets turned on fast and the headaches associated with shopping for an electric provider that will not charge a place are over. No place Texas Electricity service is considered post paid electricity but without the need for a place. For most bad or no credit customers in Texas this represents the best possible option until their credit improves. Since a valid credit card is required some bad credit customers who do not have a credit card must sign up on a prepaid electric service plan because there are no other options then this if the customers credit is bad, they have no credit card, and they cannot provide to pay a place.

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