Nirvana Introduces the World to Grunge Rock

Nirvana Introduces the World to Grunge Rock

Nirvana was an American grunge rock band established in 1987, hailing from Aberdeen Washington. The rule single “Smells like Teen Spirit” from the band’s 1991 album “Nevermind,” helped Nirvana explode into the mainstream. It was the start of something new and was referred to as “grunge.”

The band members included Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. As Nirvana’s rule singer, Cobain found himself referred to in the media as the band who spoke for Generation X. Cobain declined the position and aimed his focus on the band’s music, challenging the band’s audience with their third album, “In Utero.” While Nirvana’s mainstream popularity rose in the months following its release, their audience enjoyed the band’s dark interior, particularly after their 1993 performance on MTV Unplugged. The fans just loved the shocking titles and lyrics that Nirvana had to offer.

When appearing on MTV, they had wanted to showcase their new song entitled “Rape Me.” However, executives at MTV decided it would not be appropriate to air that. They did allow them play another of their newest hits, “Lithium.” Fans and MTV alike were shocked when Nirvana started off with the first few lines of the banned song “Rape Me.” Then they went right into the song that had been approved. Fans loved the way that Nirvana was pushing the envelope, so the band’s popularity continued to rise.

Love, Marriage, a Child, Addiction and Suicide

Cobain met and married Courtney Love in 1992. They seemed to be the perfect match for one another. They had a daughter they named Francis Bean the following year. His daughter was the apple of Cobain’s eye from the day she was born.

It was reported that Cobain was addicted to heroin. Shortly after this came to light, an intervention was organized and Cobain agreed to go into rehab but only remained there for a short time. He reportedly climbed over the wall of the treatment center and flew back to Seattle.

It was only a week later on April 8, 1994, that Cobain’s lifeless body was found. He suffered a gun shot wound to the head, and the music world was shocked. Nirvana was at the highest point of its success at the time this happened, dramatically fans around the world.

Nirvana’s fleeting run ended with the death of Cobain in 1994, but the band’s popularity remained in the years that followed. Eight years after Cobain’s death, an unfinished demo that the band recorded two months prior to Cobain’s death topped radio play lists around the world.

Since their debut, Nirvana has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, and they keep a consistent presence on radio stations. There is a tribute to Kurt Cobain located at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. All in all, Nirvana changed the way we looked and listened to music, and they will be remembered for years to come as the first grunge band.

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