NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics fans ready for game 5 at San Francisco’s Chase Center

NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics fans ready for game 5 at San Francisco’s Chase Center

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The NBA Finals come back to Chase Center for Game 5 on Monday with the series tied 2-2 between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics. Dub Nation is hoping for a win at the Chase Center, and many fans have been getting ready all weekend.

Aastha Goyal, who lives in Dublin, did some shopping with her family at the Warriors Shop at Thrive City on Sunday. She showed off a “Poole Party” t-shirt that she bought.

She says despite the win, Game 4 was rough.

“It was a nail-biter! I sat there the whole time (thinking), ‘(Do I) have a drink? Watch?'” says Goyal. She is confident the Warriors will win Game 5.

Mehul Goyal is season ticket holder, and will be at Game 5. He praises Golden State’s shooting king, Steph Curry. But adds that Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole need to step up.

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“After Game 4, there is so much excitement,” says Mehul, who bought a pair of the Curry Flow 9, the latest Steph Curry basketball shoes.

Xander Stankoski, 14, isn’t missing out either. He watched Game 4 on TV. He says that win keeps the Warriors playoff chances alive. He, too, bought a Warriors play-off t-shirt, which he will use when he is back out at Thrive City for Game 5.

“I’m really excited! NBA finals. First time in a associate of years. And yeah, it’s going to be very fun!” says Stankoski.

But already in Dub Nation, there are some enclaves of Celtics fans, such as at Connecticut Yankee Bar in San Francisco.

Christine Hunt has lived in San Francisco more than 10 years. She spent the afternoon at the bar, which is a sea of green on game day.

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But when asked about her loyalties to San Francisco or Boston, she responds “Ohh, I gotta go with my home team! I gotta go with my Celtics! It is always Boston!”

Anthony Mejias works at the Connecticut Yankee. He says Game 4 was tough loss for his team. already though the Boston failed to capitalize on home court advantage, Celtics fans are quick to point that their team has a winning record against the Warriors. And that entering Game 5, the Celtics are 8-3 in road games this post season.

“I see a Celtics win. They haven’t lost back-to-back games his whole season. Play defense. Third quarter, just attack! Attack! Attack! And come (to the bar) after the game,” he says with a laugh.

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Carlos Suing proclaims to be Steph Curry’s number one fan, and has been following him since college.

Curry scored 43 points in Game 4. With those stats, Suing says he has faith. And some advice.

“Just keep it cool. Just keep it cool! Just play his game. (And) Defense!” advises Suing.

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