My wife’s family discovered our biggest secret after picture of me kis…

My wife’s family discovered our biggest secret after picture of me kis…

A associate were mortified after a picture of the husband kissing another woman flashed up on on a sideshow at a family gathering – but in the time of action, the pair ended up revealing an already bigger secret.

The Redditor explained that his wife came from a very religious family.


A associate were horrified after the husband was caught kissing another womanCredit: Getty

After being outraged at their choice not to get married in a church, they decided not to disclose any more about their private lives, including their choice to stay childless.

On a scarce visit to see the wife Rebecca’s sister’s baby shower, the husband closest knew something was up when all her relatives shot him “daggers.”

He told Reddit: “We get there and everyone is glaring daggers at me.

“The whole thing is tense until we get to a slideshow on her sister showing pictures of the nursery and other baby stuff. In the slide show, there was a picture of me with the girl at the bar.

“It wasn’t an innocent picture and looking at it everyone would think I was cheating.”

Despite all appearances, the threatening photo was not upsetting to either the husband nor Rebecca.

“One thing the family does not know about is that Rebecca and I have an open marriage and have had an open relationship ever since we started dating,” he explained.

“I was meeting up with another girl at the bar a few days ago. It was going well and I didn’t notice anything strange.

There was an onslaught of chaos at the picture that they family had decided to out him on, but the associate were reluctant to explain the truth behind the photo.

“The whole family starts yelling at me and calling me a cheater and ‘how dare I do this to Rebecca.’

“I look at Rebecca for help but she just stays quiet.

Exasperated, the husband was left with no other choice to show all and little did he know things could get already worse.

“I try to get them to calm down but nothing is working. So I just yell out Rebecca and I have an open marriage.”

“This causes everyone to start freaking out already more and we quickly leave.”

The associate scurry off, but Rebecca is devastated that their secret is in the open.

“I’m in the car with Rebecca and she starts to yell at me about ‘how could I tell her family that’.

“That I completely betrayed her trust and this is probably going to ruin her relationship with the family. I’m angry now and say, ‘so what, you would rather make me out to be a cheater than tell the truth?’

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