Mount of Moon

Mount of Moon

The mount of moon is located at the base of the palm opposite the mount of Venus. This space is related with the strength of thoughts of an individual or his/her sixth sense. This mount, also known as the mount of Luna, indicates the degree of thought, impracticality, alteration and romantic character in an individual.

At times, the mount of moon might be formed underneath the space of Neptune where it meets the life line or on the left side of the life line. The presence of this mount on an individual’s palm makes him inventive, poignant and a character lover.

A well developed mount of moon denotes a creative, sympathetic and caring person with a exceptional enthusiasm for life. Such an individual would also be a passionate lover of character and beauty. There is an abundance of imagination if this mount is well developed, that might consequence in the individual living in a dream world. This individual might also possess lots of religious ideas.

People like world class musicians, well known artists and famous writers frequently have well developed mounts of moon. A flat or less noticeable mount represents a sense of sympathy and imagination. It refers to an indistinct kind of individual who is forever building castles in the air, but achieving little or nothing at all. In some situations, a flat mount might also suggest a very emotional kind of individual.

If this mount is over developed, it denotes a doubtful or fickle-minded individual who might also suffer from mental disturbances. This person might also experience continued headaches. A person who doesn’t have moon mount is likely to be purely money-oriented and hard hearted. additionally, this individual might often get into quarrels with others.

If crisscross lines are found on this mount, it denotes that the person would set off on long travels numerous times during his life. If there is a course of action like mark on this mount, it denotes that the person would travel to foreign countries on political visits. If the projection of this mount is visible on the upper side, the person is afflicted by diseases like cold or rheumatism. If this mount is leaning a little downwards, the person is said to be physically ineffective. If a conch shell sign is found on this mount, then the individual succeeds with his own efforts, but he always faces obstacles and difficulties, though such a person believes in helping others and leading the life in a correct way.

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