Modern Nightclub Furniture – 5 Reasons to Re-Style Your Bar or Night C…

Furnishing a bar or nightclub is not something that only happens at opening. A bar or nightclub should be re-styled more than once, because furniture wears and the “look” of a bar or nightclub can lose its popularity over time. Whether you’re wondering if you should update your look or if you can provide to update your look, this article is for you. Learn how to enhance the patronage and increase the sales of your formation on any budget.

1) The look of your bar/nightclub determines the prices you can charge for drinks and bottle service. Do you want to raise your drink prices by $2 or increase the price of the bottles by $50? Unless you enhance the profile of your bar or nightclub, party goers won’t react well to the hit to their wallet. For example, you can furnish a 1,000 SqFt VIP room for as little as $5,000 and adding a new hip look to your bar will allow you to raise prices without losing patronage.

2) Increasing patronage – people get bored of the same old thing. By updating your bar or nightclub’s look and feel you can give your patrons a bar they can get excited about already if they’ve been there before. These days, retailers offer prices that make re-styling your formation frequently and nevertheless effectively managing costs easy to do.

3) Differentiate yourself from the competition. If you’re the only game in town, more strength to you, but the majority of bars and nightclubs have stiff competition. When everyone in town is pouring the same beer and mixing the same drinks it is the presentation that sets your formation except everyone else.

4) Keeping up with the times. Ever walk into someone’s home and noticed that the furniture has not been changed since Nixon was president, feels like you’re in a time warp, right? Same is true when it comes to bars and nightclubs. Your patrons want to go to the “the cool bar in town” that looks like somewhere Jay-Z or Travis Barker would party.

5) Revenues, revenues, revenues and more revenues. You got into the bar business to make money and re-styling your bar or nightclub will allow you to raise prices, increase patronage and differentiate yourself from the competition, all of which puts more money in your pocket!

So now that you’ve decided to update the look of your bar or nightclub, you may find yourself wondering “What do I do next?” While many bar and nightclub owners enlist the sets of a designer, your best course of action is to do the leg-work yourself. The reason is that designers buy furniture at regular retail prices, but often mark up the cost when they bill you. These days, the internet makes it extremely easy find high quality, low cost stylish furniture for your bar or nightclub.

There are new suppliers out there which offer high style, extreme functionality and superior service at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay. These retailers buy directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings along to you. Often you will find they have all their offerings in stock, making delivery to you exceptionally speedy.

Many suppliers offer customizable seating solutions to outfit everything from a VIP room to the main bar area. Such customizable options give you the ability to change up your look without already having to incur the expense of buying new furniture.

In reality, you, as a bar or nightclub owner have a lot of decisions to make in order to ensure the success of your business. Re-styling your formation should be the easiest of these decisions. Furnishing your bar or nightclub with high-quality, functional furniture is an investment which will pay for itself in no time, and continue to bring you new and increased business.

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